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Fan Teasers: July Contest Winners

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 by Bea

Since there were only 3 entries, they're all winner by default...

But hey, these entries were still very creative for me, and so I am grateful for the effort. ^_^

Anti-Campaign Signature

created by: Leoz


photomanipulation by: gakitsu


owned and updated regularly by: Mena
blog address: http://menatales.blogspot.com/

Each will be winning Angel Wings as prize~ Congratulations!!! ^_^v

To those who'd like to join the Fan Teasers contest, stay tuned for the updated post on when and where to send those entries~! See yah all on the next event! ^^

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Anonymous said...

wew... congratz to all the winner... iam so lucky that even do iam always in game i saw your event lately busy lvling my char as the new patch will lunch soon... as a pinoy i wanted have my support to ge philippines...

thank you and god bless..

Gakitsu Family
Pachelbel Server

Leoz said...

OMG? i won? T_T<- happy tears. i thought i wont win it... ^_^ i'm so happy! This is the coolest and earliest birthday present i had ever had! T_T <- HAPPY TEARS!

Veya said...

lolz @ Leoz

there'll be more offline contests upcoming in the community blog, so stay tuned! ^_^