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Managing Expectations in Games

Saturday, December 27, 2008 by Bea

I read an article which is very amusing. So quoting from the Escapist, here are the details of his piece:

Each time a new game is announced, gamers react in the same manner:

1. There's a slight pause and an intake of breath as people read, sit back and digest what they have just seen.
2. The net becomes a flurry of activity with fiber optics burning brightly as people clamor to find out more.
3. Repeat No. 2 as necessary until the game is released.

With each blog post and forum thread, the gaming community's expectations rise. What cool features will it have? Will it look better than its competitor? Will it be enough to justify shelling out the cash?

But therein lies the problem. From a developer's point of view, the way gamers react to everything from the initial announcement to the release date can have an impact on the game itself.

Gamers are a shrewd bunch. Each time developers release a new piece of information regarding their work in progress, the gaming community snaps up every shred and meticulously pores over it. With each screenshot and list of potential features, their expectations for the game gradually coalesce into a snowball of hype. And while it can cause games to fly off the shelves on release day, hype can also be fatal.

When developers release screenshots, they want make the game look nice, flashy and drool-worthy. And when they release information about a game's features, they often err on the side of excess. Inevitably, with each snippet of information released, the chorus gets a bit louder: "This game is going to rock." "Kick ass." "Looks awesome." "It can do what? Wow!" Sound familiar?

But what happens when, due to budget, time constraints, publisher demands or a whole host of other issues, they have to cut out some of those cool features down the line? What happens when they release screenshots that lack the polish of earlier images? Gamer expectations plummet, disappointment sinks in and hype quickly gives way to resentment. "Hmm, doesn't look as good." "Man, what a downgrade." "Last generation anybody?" The list goes on.

It's a delicate balance for developers and publishers to cultivate interest in a game while managing players' expectations. The question often is, how much information should they make public? Release too little and there's no buzz, no excitement, no word of mouth. Release too much information, and you run the risk of disappointing fans when the game is released. So which is best?

Read it more here:
The Escapist: Managing Expectations

2009 Movie Trailers Part III

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 by Bea

Thanks to Ryan:

Tekken the Movie - hope this one is better than the Anime version! :D

Street Fighter - Legend of Chun Li

I hope the official trailers will be released soon. ^.^

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2009 Movie Trailers Part II

Monday, December 15, 2008 by Bea

I just hope these won't disappoint the fans... well, you know, during the vamp thingie rantings for the past few months, and I also wish for the best for the box office ratings for both movies:

And for now, I shall rest my eyes and pocketmoney for the flicks for next year. ^_~


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Resident Evil: Degeneration

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 by Bea

One word: wow~

I always have this fantasy of Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy back together in RE (sorry Leon x Ada fans! ^.^)

And heck, this was one of the games that I dutifully played and finished to the end!

Green, red and blue herbs anyone? XD~

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Reviving GM Celestia

Friday, November 21, 2008 by Bea

I had lots of counterparts being a Community Manager and also acting GameMaster in ZXOnline, I revived my GameMaster alias:

Oh btw, we're now in Close Beta Testing period. Register and download the client here: http://zxonline.com.ph/

Hail to my multiple personalities! XD~

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ZXOnline CBT Updates!

Thursday, November 13, 2008 by Bea

But before I go on with the news, check us out here (click on the banner):

Created by the players for the players~

Let's go on with the juicy updates!

You can now REGISTER a CBT account here: http://zxonline.com.ph/

However, there are some certain ISP users who can't go in, so try to do a traceroute and send the results to the ZXO PH Team!

Visit this blog: http://zxonline.e-games.com.ph/ for more FAQs~

Enjoy! ^_~

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2009 Movie Trailers

Friday, November 7, 2008 by Bea

Can't wait to watch it!

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Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008 by Bea

From my dear friend, Euri:

Many many thankies!

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For the Gamers from a Gamer

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 by Bea

After revealing myself again after a month of absence from soul-searching in my career, I decided to go back to my 2nd family and gained the position of Community Manager of ZXOnline (Zhuxian Online).

I tried to keep it a secret at first during my first 2 weeks of posting in my new blog haven: http://zxonline.e-games.com.ph/

But for today, it was revealed. And I received lotsa emails, YM, text messages, and flooded forum PMs and posts, and comments in the blog quoting:

"Nice! It’s you Lady Veya! wheeee…
i’m lovin it more. ^_^"

"I didnt really expect that the IRL Empress more look alike in the Mei Yan avatar. Its so so close, that’s the fact.

Im so glad its you !~"

"CM Veya
CM VE(Mei) YA(Yan)

i'm #1 fan of miss CM Mei Yan..

and received "OMG!" and "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

I'm back for good, and I'm glad for all of the warm welcome. ^_^


Pero ciempre, ndi lahat masaya. Maraming nalungkot at nagalit.

Ang weird lang dahil ayaw nilang aminin yung nararamdaman nila sa harap ko. Kailangan ko pang malaman yun sa iba.

Nawala ako ng isang buwan, under ng company na nagbebenta ng mga Italian appliances, industry nila sobrang malayo sa Online Gaming. Culture shock ako dahil iba pamamalakad nila, ibang mukha nakikita ko araw-araw, at ciempre, ibang customers. Sobrang detailed sila sa mga bagay na akala natin simple lang sa mata natin: gas range, BBQ grills, at kung anu-ano pa.

Ang term ko noon, wow, na-homesick ata ako.

Tapos sinabihan ako ng mga friends ko back in e-Games na may bagong game. Ciempre kung babalik ako, ndi na ako sa GE since nagturnover na ako dati pa. Yun nga lang, pagbalik ko, probationary ako ulit, kung baga, reset back to zero ang 3-year stay ko before sa kanila. Sabi nga ng mga applicants, partly money, mostly the job.

If you find a job that you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life again.

Calling ko ito. Mejo corny, pero totoo. Nasa gaming ang career ko. I've learned my lesson, and my soul-searching has now ended.

Maraming nagchismis na iniwan ko ang pwesto ko dati dahil sa ibang game. Para sa akin, kahit anong community manager ako ng iba't-ibang games, basta nasa e-Games ako, tutulong ako kahit saan. Active ako kahit anong event, mapa-GE man yan, Ran Online, Cabal at kung anu-ano pa. Present ako lagi doon. Supportive ako dahil second family ko na ang community na matagal na namin binuo. Kahit sino pa ang nauna at nahuli, andito ako para sa inyo.

Andami na nga naka-add sakin sa YM, halo-halo na. So sorry na lang po kung na-ggroup message ko kayo ng ZXOnline. ^.^

Tip ko lang sa gamers: laruin ninyo ang game na gusto ninyo. HIndi ako ang manghuhusga o magsasabi ng kung ano ang dapat ninyo laruin. Kanya-kanyang taste lang yan. Wag sana natin haluin ng pulitika ang lahat. Have fun - heto ang motto ko sa lahat ng nilaro ko nang online games.

So bago magpasko ang New Year, sana lahat ng mga masasamang ugali mawala na. Para sa akin, ang paglalaro ay libangan, at ang 2nd house ko ng mga taong gusto kong makasama. Hindi ako naging gamer at manager para sa pulitika.

Kitakits na lang po tayo sa mga susunod pang mga event! ^_~

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Halloween Ball: Eternal Death Wake 6

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 by Bea

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ZXOnline Philippines Community

Saturday, October 18, 2008 by Bea

Want more updates and detailed previews on ZXOnline (Zhuxian) ?

Then check out CM Mei Yan's Official Community Blog here:



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Game Previews: Zhuxian II

Sunday, October 12, 2008 by Bea

Journey to Immortality

This Oriental-themed MMORPG, Zhu Xian, had its name and story that caught my attention.

Remember my first preview on the 2 videos? There's a connection on the three main characters, possibly a love triangle. I'm not sure who's the bad girl, or if the leading man is on the good side. I've never read the book wherein this game was inspired from it.

But according to ZXOnline's Official PH Community Blog, the story was a love triangle - wherein the leading man fell inlove with those two main lady characters, one in green, and the other in white. I wonder who's love is greater than the other?

The three main characters:

Anyway, there are a lot of discussions that howcome e-Games got this game since it's under Perfect World. However, if we all read closely, the developer named themselves after their first game, which is PW, hence everyone got confused if they're releasing the same game. Actually the name that they're pertaining to are the developers - the Beijing Perfect World Co. Ltd.

That is how we read it from the press release... hopefully the others will follow and understand the content.

I loved the background scenery though, it gives out that "Asian feeling" to it. Call me corny or mushy, but I find MMORPGs with romance themes quite interesting and entertaining. I'm such a total cornball to stuff like these. ^.^

The flying swords, the costumes and the scenery reminds me of the movie, "Hero," played by famous actors & actresses such as Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi and Maggie Cheung.

We all hope that the unique features and game systems will push the MMORPG industry more than the usual. Until then, almost every gamer is anticipating for the said game - perhaps to enjoy it, just try it out, or eventually will play all throughout the next months after its release. ^_~

Image sources: http://photo.mmosite.com/

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Aftermath: Congratulations Ran Team Philippines!

Sunday, October 5, 2008 by Bea

After a long day in SMX Convention filled with all Pinoys supporting their country, of course, and also enjoying the said Ran Global Tournament.

I was there to help out again, in merchandise, selling all kinds of Ran GT souvenirs, and also since I'm also studying photography these days, I borrowed a DSLR from my former colleague and friend, and also became a photographer awhile ago. I helped out also one of my friends back in my 'WeAreAnime' days, Ana, with her first-time field photography for Mangaholix.

I was also the information center of all e-Games staff, where to find them, etc. XD~

At first, we all thought heaven and hell have decided to twist the fate of Ran Philippines Team. The first 2 matches were lost, but suddenly gained so much by winning 3 consecutive matches! Thus, enabling them to go into semi-finals up to championship.

Let's skip a few parts where everyone was watching, screaming themselves hoarse, and cheering for the team by shouting Laban Pinas!

The championships is best of 5, wherein they tied on the 4th battle, where everyone was already cheering so loudly on the final match - in which Team Philippines won, and for my fave moments, was they took out 2 of the opponents' characters at once: Double PK!

***Caution: Heavy uploading of images, 640 x 480 pixels maximum***

Grand Champions of Ran Global Tournament 2008 - Team Philippines (Terminator)

2nd Place - Team Malaysia

3rd Place - Team Hongkong

The 2008 Ran Calendar Girls

Mocha after their superb performance~

Me & Jes at the VIP lounge, still looking fresh even after all that work~

me, Ivee, Ching & Jane, goofing around and sliding down the beanbags in the lounge~

Congrats again! All the hardwork was worth it after that~ ^.^

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Events: For Gothic Lolitas, Rockers & Punks

Thursday, October 2, 2008 by Bea

Source: http://onefreekiss.multiply.com/

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Game Previews: GE's New Civilization

Thursday, September 25, 2008 by Bea

Last June, I was able to check out http://www.granadoespada.com/ and watched Hakkyu Kim & the rest of the IMC peeps discussing the latest developments for Granado Espada. I've watched the cute voodoo pets as well~ ^.^

I hence call them, "Emo Pets~"

My former boss even told me, "ilalabas na yung fave mo na pets, Bea."

Finally! I've like watched the 2 videos a trillion times (yeah, I downloaded both of them from the GE Korean website), and now I get to see the cuties~!

But the maps will be larger than ever, according to IMC. I dunno the details yet, since I just translated on what they were saying on the video (the interview video is quite big, I'll try to upload it soon), plus I was curious though on the "new civilization" that they're talking about.

So pushing my thrills & excitement aside, I do hope the GE peeps will help out Aethrin. But I did had fun with making his "Baron" theme.

Another off-topic, I'm glad the Girl Gamers are pushing thru and growing. I was also dreaming that all GE girl peeps of the SouthEast Asia will have a grand EB (that'll be certainly one big heap of gals~!).

Ciao~! Missing my GE pioneers~! (I wonder if they'll replace the "Pioneers" name. I just thought of the name from the history of GE... *shrugs*) ^_~

Movie Previews: Angels & Demons

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 by Bea

In 2003, Sony Pictures acquired rights to the "Angels and Demons Movie" along with "The Da Vinci Code" in a deal with author Dan Brown. In May 2006, following the film release of "The Da Vinci Code," Sony hired Oscar winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, who wrote the film adaptation of "The Da Vinci Code," to adapt "Angels and Demons" into a movie. In November 2006, a teaser trailer of the "Angels And Demons Movie" was shown on the "The Da Vinci Code" DVD. On April 11, 2007 it was revealed that Tom Hanks would reprise his role as Robert Langdon and that he will reportedly receive the highest salary ever for an actor - $75,000,000? Filming of "Angels And Demons Movie" began in spring 2008.

"Angels And Demons Movie" is the PREQUEL to "The DaVinci Code."

The "Angels and Demons Movie" tells the story of Robert (Tom Hanks) Langdon's brush with a shadowy secret society, the Illuminati, and his frantic quest for the world's most powerful energy source, in the company of a beautiful Italian physicist whose father, a brilliant physicist, has been murdered.

Source: http://www.wildaboutmovies.com/

The trailer is composed of some clips ffrom the previous movie of "DaVinci Code" and a few new ones. However, the title was an official release already, so we all hope this will be a good one to watch & hopefully, not a disappointment to all of the fans of the book. Enjoy~ ^_^

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Events Galore from the e-Games Family

by Bea

Check out the banners above on the "Special Notes" section. Feel free to support any of the events you wish to do so. ^_^

For the upcoming events, here are the schedules:

Sept 27 - Granado Espada Black Party Anniversary
Oct 4 - Ran Global Tournament

Both are super-major events you wouldn't wanna miss~!

For more details, you can visit the Official Granado Espada Philippines website and the Official Ran Online Philippines website for the mechanics and activities coming your way.

Enjoy the fun-filled events, and bring along your friends! ^_~

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The Different Colors of Life as a Gamer

Sunday, September 21, 2008 by Bea

OK, before anything else, I would like to post a disclaimer on my article below that this is purely my opinion, no strings attached, no politics, no "claiming someone else's" opinion, and no intentions of hypnotizing everyone who reads this or sending a double-meaning message. This is just for sharing purposes again, and I do not need any reactions or getting into trouble. So whoever that gets "hit" in the face, I'm sorry, but again, everything that will be posted is not intended for your experience - and it may be just coincidence that you got hurt or that the situation is a bit familiar.

As I've mentioned before in my farewell letter, I am affected by players who literally have to do everything to get what they want. I know it's a human thing, however, the consequences that they would have to deal with - are the ones they never expected.

I want that in-game item so bad, I could kill somebody...

Let's just hope that it was intentional for an in-game situation, but yeah, some gamers tend to hurt someone in the real world. If you happen to watch the documentary for the online gamers last year or so, you could remember the guy who got ambushed by a group of players outside an iCafe shop, just because he looted the players' friend's rare item. He claimed that he only picked it up because it was dropped. The knowledge on how the players got to him, or know who he is, still remained an unsolved case till present. But yeah, although the guy was big & a bully himself, he was outnumbered by the group, and was confined to a hospital.

Hmm, what if I try to trick him?

Scammers are everywhere - be it in the virtual world or the real world. As I've said, most would do anything to get what they want. They'd scam you, steal everything, and leave you dry. Yeah, it sounds harsh, but those little phrases like "I'll make your 1,000 gold into ten thousand folds more if you'll just provide me your password" sounds pretty tempting, and most often, the new ones get duped. There may be tons of hacks & cheats today, but don't fall for the "password trick" cheat. It only falls into one word - FAIL.

you know that *beep* game? it's a total rip-off of that *bleep* game before~! noooo, really? *gasps*

Exaggeration? But true. I often see these on new game articles - complete with the rude & out-of-the line comments. The word "rip-off" is my first hated word, but I only use it on fashion designs (commonly when the designs are totally been cut 'n' copy fresh from someone else's idea in the Internet like deviantART works). They say this game was a rip-off of the previous games, blah blah blah. But let's face it - most of the developers would find something from the old ones and make it develop even more entertaining, more state-of-the-art, etc. But don't use the word unless you have EVIDENCE to take it up to the courts. Then we will all totally appreciate your effort, unless you have some other objectives on bringing up that word? Uh-oh, naughty naughty little anonymous comment-making human being.

I am perfect, so bow before me or die!

That's why my star sign was right today:
Why are you so busy trying to make everything perfect? Just relax and be human. For both worlds sake, let's not act perfect, nor try to impose this idea to everyone else. Let's just sit, breathe, and enjoy the online games that has been brought upon us.

If for some, this may be shocking, but it's really happening. Most would invest, and gamble in the vast world of online gaming, however most have already forgotten what we started years ago in playing: enjoy a good game, and have fun.

Till next post. Ciao~!

My YearBook Photo Circa 2000

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 by Bea

OK, I did love my bangs and all, but I don't think my bangs would've look like this during the centennial year. @_@

Go make your own circa now: http://yearbookyourself.com/

Share it with your friends! XD~

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The Artsy Gamer

Monday, September 15, 2008 by Bea

Way before I was into the gaming industry, I was into modeling & photography. It was my 1st year as a highschool student, and my first runway walk at SM North.

Since we'll be talking more about photography, please be patient in viewing the pictures below.

Anyway, at present, most of my closest & best friends are all what I can say in my opinion as professional photographers. Plus, I love DSLRs since it was invented.

I opened my first deviantART account, by persuasion of my bestfriend & "Mom," Cris.

My talented online buddy, Euri, made a fanlisting site, and she used one of my stock accounts:

Check it out - Hecate Fanlisting: Crossways

This is where she got my photo:

I also love the vectors that most of my DA buddies had done for the past few years.

Yeah, he thought my name was Beia Navarrou~ ^.^

And this was the real source:

Cool kodachi right? XD~

I have also took shots of other people as well:

See? I'm not only good in computers, I'm also good with a camera. ^_~


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The Gimik-Lovin' Gamer

Sunday, September 14, 2008 by Bea

Besides shopping, I love to hangout with my friends, especially with my former colleagues~!
***Warning: Pic Spam Alert***

September 5
Dinner with the Product Team Family

Wow, back in Trinoma, twice in one day~ Anyway, after our photoshoot, I went with my former family to have dinner at Zong. Ricci AKA AoiSuna bought a new baby, so most of the pics here are credited to her.

me & labs~

me & my fiance~


sarap ng ice cream after dinner~

September 12
Happy Birthday AoiSuna~!

My labs and the talented chick in EG Creatives Team celebrated her birthday in her domain. So all of her EG family, including me of course. We had a blast eating, drinking & the famous videoke moments!

happy beerday~

pa-cute sa buffet~

debut nya daw~

community team rocks~

Don't mind my "Blair" hairstyle. I'm into headbands without the bows though. XD~

We went to Starbucks after, but Ivee has the pics. It was fun using the "F" names when we were about to order our coffee. ^.^

Ran Online PH Team & Bowling

My original plan was to meet with the usual gang at the Bowling Center in Megamall, but since my fiance was already there with the Ran peeps, I went to visit their practice.

In Tagalog mode po tayo dahil ang praktis nila ay importante. Baka may nagmamasid na taga-ibang bansa. XD~

Magaling sila, pero kailangan pa rin i-hasa yung
teamwork nila. Nakakatuwa lang kasi seryoso sila katulad ng mga Philippines team para sa WCG.

Nagsuggest ako sa kanila na magusap, kahit nasa gitna ng labanan. Importante rin kasi na alam ng ka-teammate mo kung ano yung tactics na gagamitin. Saka dapat iisa lang muna ung target, kung sino yung uunahin, hindi yung kanya-kanya ng tira. Sayang ang damage rin 'di ba? Sabi rin ni PM Lee: "magusap tayo ng Tagalog, para ndi alam ng taga-ibang bansa yung gagawin natin." ^_~

Goodluck Ran PH Team! (APM Chard has the pics of me with the Ran Philippines Team)

Bowling time~!
Ivee, Glenn, Joven, Lulu, Lee, Jay, Ricci & I let loose and had a great time playing & doing our own tactics & poses. I think I had one or two lucky strikes. XD~

my shoes~

my famous "eight-pink-ball"

green ang kukunin nya, pramis~

the pose~

we were amazed at our scores~

eventhough we suck, it's worth the fun~!

Then we had dinner somewhere in A. Venue, and went home sleepy & tired. ^^;

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