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PvPs, Factions, and Me

Thursday, June 28, 2007 by Bea

There will be a server maintenance for Granado Espada on 28 June 2007, Thursday, 1000hrs-1600hrs (GMT+8). During this period, Granado Espada game service will be unavailable.

Recent Happenings in the World of Granado Espada In-Game
June 26

Quicky VS Infernalz
Two Filipino Players with a range of lvl 99-100 characters tested their strength and ability thru PvP in the City of Auch. Quicky's lineup was a wizard, Claude, and a scout; while Infernalz has a lineup of wizard, Grace Bernelli and a scout. The battle was a race to 3 wins and 5 matches. Infernalz won on the last match with 3 wins, while Quicky got 2 wins in between the match.

For more action, check out their fight here: Quicky VS Infernalz

June 27

Carnage VS Yakisoba (Sedai & RavaNa VS Quicky & Infernalz)
2 on 2 PvP at the City of Auch (like the tournament in Zouk), the four players, namely RavaNa, Sedai, Quicky and Infernalz also tested their skills and fought against each other on a race to 3 wins. RavaNa and Sedai's good teamwork handled themselves calmly in their first three sets of PvP.

Both teams gave each other a "good game" phrase at the end of their battle. ^_^v /gg

You can check out their scenes here: Yakisoba VS Carnage

Dear Carracci players,

Please do not think I've abandoned you guys... not only you all, but also the other servers as well. I haven't been able to do a faction visitation and I've only visited two factions in Cervantes. Usually, I'd rather see you all in EBs or events rather than in-game because I'd like to interact with you guys personally. ^_^

I'll really try to go to the other servers, the Veya family has already been set, and I'll try to make the most out of the days and weeks I've let you guys down. :(

Anyway, I'll be able to go to the Caravaggio EB on Sunday, and hopefully some players from the other servers could also join us too since Kupz mentioned that it's open to all GE players. ^^v
Last night I was able to interact with the members of the AxisAvenger in Cervantes. They're really a nice set of faction. We had two Interchange Mission and I luckily picked a lvl 44 familiar staff. ^^

Check out our little adventure here: AxisAvenger
It was nice last night, when I shouted out a good evening to all Pinoy players, and they've shouted back lots of things, and how they've become addicted to the game. The nightshift gamers were so alive, eventhough the lag and the bots were everywhere, we were still happy and kidding around to keep the gaming experience alive. \m/
Mistress Hrin talks about the latest updates on the events across the nation~ You can check it out here >>> Hrin's Updates: Upcoming Events Coming Your Way!

My sweetest thanks to the welcome / introduction to me from Hrin. I'll give my best to maintain, monitor and give the latest updates for the Philippine Community! *salutes*

Till next post~! ^_~

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More Actions

Monday, June 25, 2007 by Bea

The GE Team already made a statement on the hot topic usually found in-game and in the forums: Bots. They've release it and gave details on the actions they've already done:

Action Taken Against Botting

And oh, I'll be sending some group messages to the players like updates and other announcements to those who added me up in my Yahoo messenger. ^_^
Check out the post-party mini-site! http://ge.iahgames.com/party/

And try to find us there. lolz~
Got a hidden talent in creating websites, online journals, poetry, short stories, art, and the lot?

Well, get ready and reveal your true self into your own works of art! Granado Espada PH Site will be up soon, and we will conduct lots of contests you'll surely enjoy!

Enjoy! ***TBA on the details and mechanics***
Btw, I have two family names: Veya and Esthesia. I'm using Esthesia to play in-game, and Veya to monitor. ^_^ I'm the only one with that kind of family name. Please report to IAH if someone's scamming you that he/she is posing as a Community Manager.
Upcoming GE Events / Freeplay / Unofficial Faction or Server EBs

June 29 Bulacan State University, Malolos Bulacan (GE Freeplay)
July 1 11:00 AM @ Ayala Trinoma Mall North Edsa (Caravaggio EB)
July 4-6 NCCC Exhibit Hall Davao City (Davao Cyber Expo)

Keep the Filipino Faction growing!

If you guys have small or large EB coming up, feel free to inform me thru my email: veya@granadoespada.com.ph or tag me in my blog: http://veya-esthesia.blogspot.com/.

This is for me to promote your gatherings to the community.


Till next post! ^_~

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Recent Events for June

Thursday, June 21, 2007 by Bea

There will be a server maintenance for Granado Espada on 21st June 2007, Thursday, 1000hrs-1600hrs (GMT+8). There will also be website maintenance for Granado Espada forum and IAHgames passport website on 21st June 2007, Thursday, 1600hrs-1800hrs (GMT+8).

OK, that will give me time to update the community blog, and to browse thru the Forums. :D

Anyway, here's the pictures from Toycon in which the other qualifiers for the Zouk Raid Party gave their best in the PvP Tourney:

This is their van~ Naks! ^.^

The GE Philippine Team Jackets~!

The Semi-Finalists: (wafu bah?) :D

Check their pics here: Toycon 2k7
There was a test Colony Wars yesterday, and the ones who owned the colony will be wiped out from today's maintenance. Anyway, here's a glimpse on the world map: (click for a larger version)

When I was in Singapore, I love the streets themselves; it's so clean, and their strict in implementing traffic rules including jaywalking! And Ivee and I really love shopping, so we went to Mustafa and Bugis just to shop till we drop (literally!). And we usually end up buying souvenirs and gifts to our loved ones, except for ourselves. I'd just moan for awhile on my aching feet and the cost of all the things we bought, but just the smiles and thank you's of our friends and family are good enough to cover my complaints. ^^
A random screenshot I took from my friend (he's a guy) and he made his elementalist and Catherine hug each other when we were chatting. XD

Till next post ^_~

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Zouk Raid Party - Part II

Monday, June 18, 2007 by Bea

Zouk Raid Party - Part I

Let's skip to the best part, the tournament!
June 16, 2007

The NCR and Wild Card Team both won on their first match, but eventually lost in the end. But then, we had another team who raised the spirits of the Filipinos, Street and Arcleaumont, who got into the semi-finals as a featured match! Yep, it was seen at the big screen! Look at the pictures:

And we were shouting like crazy! Although we didn't make it to the finals, we were still proud of you guys. ^_^

Here's also the best part:
Most Valuable Player
Mark Anthony Sta. Ana of NCR Philippine Team

Most Sporting Team / Best Sportsmanship
Rommel Reyes and Shun Chun Lim of Wild Card Philippine Team

And it was a surprise, because we didn't know about it, and they said Philippine Team has the best strategies when it comes to PvP! XD

I'm also proud of the Philippine Community, you guys grabbed the most of the Hall of Fame at the VIP lounge!

And we took pictures with the famous creator of MMORPGs, Hakkyu Kim~

You can check out more pictures by clicking on this link: Zouk

Till next post! ^_~

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Zouk Raid Party - Part I

by Bea

June 15, 2007

12 Noon
Ivee and I met up with the players at the PAL Terminal 2 Centennial Airport. They were all tense and excited at the same time. Then we ate at Delifrance for brunch since our flight will be boarding in just 30 minutes. ^^

We also met up with the Press: Joey of hack en slash (Inquirer), Sir Howard (Editor-in-Chief) of Game! Magazine, and Adel Gabot (Group Editor) of Inquirer. Plus our writer and content, Sir Emir. :D

6:15 PM
Our arrival was 20 minutes early. So we went to Hotel Bencoolen to unpack things and met up with the Press for dinner. We also went shopping around 12 midnight at Mustafa. I only got the Old Spice aftershave that my dad loves. It wasn't available in the Philippines anymore. :( Then bought midnight snacks at SG's 7-11.

June 16, 2007
The players were already up at 9.30 AM and was having breakfast, while Ivee and I just woke up at 10 AM. Rivai and the other qualifiers were also there to wait for our shuttle bus. So when we were waiting for the bus, we took pictures infront of the hotel.

And here's the bus!

And I took pictures inside the bus, along with all of the qualifiers for the tourney~

Then we're now at Zouk, where we met Weixiong who took the qualifiers' attendance. ^_^

Very nice place. It's like you're in-game in reality, you're not. =P

And here's part of our Philippine Team Qualifiers, getting ready for the tourney~

Stay tuned for Part II of my trip to Singapore~!

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Goodluck to all Qualifiers!

Thursday, June 14, 2007 by Bea

Go Philippines!

I'll be in Singapore tomorrow to attend the Zouk Raid Party...

Goodluck to our Philippines Team! ^_^

***Temporarily logging off. Will update on Sunday or Monday.***

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6th Philippine Toycon

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 by Bea

Okie, while we're in Singapore, the 14 players of the GE Philippine Team will be playing from the Megatrade Hall in Megamall during the Toycon Event.

Watch out for the GE PvP Tourney Finals! And also, check out the tournaments like Mini-PvP Tourney, War of the Factions, and other events like Pioneers' Trivia, cosplay, and lots of surprise to all GE addicts! ^_____^v

Check out the GE PH site for more info: Granado Espada PH Site


Check out the pics from the previous event, Pioneers' Reconnaissance:
Please click on the image~

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Pioneers' Reconnaissance - Post Event

Thursday, June 7, 2007 by Bea

The IAHgames Forum is down for maintenance on, June 7th, 2007.
The Website will be down from 0800 hrs to 1800 hrs (GMT +8).

Ok then, we'll just have to post the details here. ^^

I have to go to the office to meet up with Jeff (he'll be taking care of the registration and the programs and other stuff) and Mang Ce (our driver and the most funny guy we met). And so, Filipino time, we got to the Phoenix
Café at 11:45 AM, and got to meet up with the facilitators and to arrange the table for registration, put up the tarps and streamer.

I've set-up my YM for a conference on all the regions of the Philippines: Baguio, Cabanatuan, Cavite, NCR - Katipunan, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao.

We had lots of people coming in for freeplay, but only 3 teams signed up in our place. And brownouts in other regions, other network connection problems, and SingTel has to test us yet with another fate in lag and disconnections.

I had a blast though, meeting with the GE mamaws in the Phoenix Café; such as Infernalz, Ino, Overseer, Stormgeist, Crowe, DarkSide and ford. We had chitchats now and then, about the in-game events, their experiencing in levelling, and among other related GE gaming experiences.

I've also met PJ of NineMoons, who was there to cover the tournament all the way up until finals. You can also check her marvelous write-ups at these links: Pioneers' Reconnaissance: NineMoon's Report

She also interviewed me; focusing on the tournament and the Philippine Community. Go here for more info: An Informal Interview with the Philippine Community Manager Veya

Just a small comment: you can also reach me at my GE email: veya@granadoespada.com.ph

I was also surprised at the issues happening in our community today. I'll was able to take notes of these complaints and issues, and will update you guys hopefully in my next post.

Anyway, back to the topic, here are the OFFICIAL PHILIPPINE TEAM QUALIFIERS for the PvP Finals in Singapore:
NCR1: Ino & Overseer
NCR2: Crowe & Stormgeist
Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro): Hush & Amelia™
Visayas: Street & Arcleaumont
Mindanao (Davao): Grandee & micamania
North Luzon: oGTo & DeathAngels
Central Luzon: TressPassing & wattz
South Luzon: snapshot & Crixca

I'll give the details later on the said tournament, plus the pictures! Till next post ^_~

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Pioneer's Reconnaissance

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 by Bea

First National Tourney for GE to be held in key cities; Winners are to be chosen to compete with other SEA GE players in Singapore Granado Espada Zouk Party.

IPVG, one of the leading communications and IT company, will be holding the first-ever Granado Espada (GE) Player versus Player (PvP) tournament, aptly called Pioneers’ Reconnaissance, in specific Internet cafés nationwide this coming June 6, 2007.

Only six of the best gamers from the Pioneers’ Reconnaissance tournament will advance to the finals and represent the Philippines in the Zouk Raid Party to be held in Singapore on June 16.

The contest is open to GE players with the maximum level of 72 in the Cervantes server only. Players will be grouped into teams, wherein they will be tasked to eliminate all six characters of the opposing team.

You can check out the details here: GE PvP Tourney


North Luzon
Café Name: Outer Haven
Address: Lower Bonifacio St., Baguio City

Central Luzon:
Café Name: G Mazter
Address: 1068 Del Pilar St., Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
Café Name: Phoenix Internet
Address: 1/f Jaka Center, 2111 Chino Roces Ave. Makati City

Café Name: I Hooked Café
Address: 2nd Floor Katipunan Avenue corner Dela Rosa Street, Quezon City

South Luzon:
Café Name: Miggy Bytes
Address: Brgy. Sta. Fe, Dasmarinas Cavite

Café Name: Jem@ndee Business Sanctum
Address: R. Landon St. for Cebu City

Café Name: 246
Address: Pabayo Gerlan Street, Cagayan de Oro

Café Name: Hyperbits and Bytes
Address: Jacinoto St. Davao City

Goodluck to all participants! ^_~

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First Post & Testing

Saturday, June 2, 2007 by Bea

Ok, here's my first post...

I'm officially the Community Manager in Granado Espada for Philippines. And nope, this is not my first blog. I have some of my own homepage, forums, and other online journals. Mostly, I find myself making web layouts in my past-time, or photography and art. Thus, most of the people are amazed on how I could multi-task everything; heck, managing 1 homepage, 2 forums, 2 online journal, 3 photo websites, and 2 web profiles... yes I still manage to find myself in other interests such as movies, music, fabrics, and my camera. ^_^

Oh, here's my GE stats:
MCC Team: Fighter, Scout and a Wizard
IGN/s: Veya, Tria and Noir
Family Name: Esthesia
Server/s: All!

Besides the IAH site and forums, you can see the events and updates happening here in Philippines at this url:
Granado Espada: Experience the Bond of Trinity

Till next post! ^_~

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