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Events: War of the Factions & iCafé Festival

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 by Bea

July 27-28
iCafé Festival

First Day - Massive Freeplay
Check out this list of the participating iCafés:

Data Click Leoño, Malabon
Chatmate Concepcion, Malabon
2005 A.D Hulong Duhat, Malabon
Adnetsys 56 B Gen. Luna St. Malabon
Alizstar 352 Unit 3 Gen. Luna Malabon
Atin Manapat St. Malabon
Cyber Guapitz 6 D Sanciangco St. Tonsuya Malabon
F N A 333 b gen. luna st., malabon
Harcherry 111 manapat st tañong, malabon
J B D 33 M.H. del Pilar St. Panghulo Malabon
Jefram Blk 49 Lot9 Phase III Pampano St.
JMAK 1 721 B- Rizal Ave. San Agustin Malabon
JMAK 2 319 Valdez Ext. Catmon Malabon
KJ Paez 10 Paez st.,malabon
Maxi 1 womens club hulo malabon
Neo Geo 9 L. Gutierrez St., Malabon
Ram Works 43 P. Aquino Ave., Tonsuya Malabon
Camouflaged Bumbero Sipac Navotas
Half Strike 27 A. Santiago St., Sipac Navotas
John Weng Apahap agora navotas
K Logz 24 A. Santiago St. Sipac Navotas
Planetzone Leongson St., Navotas
Rane Net Blk 37 Lot10 Maya-Maya St. Kaunlaran Vill
R C A Tangos, navotas
Rikitik Bagumbayan, navotas
Xandee 53 M. H. del Pilar St., Tugatog Malabon
Megaben 37 Naval St. Flores, Malabon City
Knights Internet Cafe #15 Bonifacio St. Barangay Baritan.malabon
kingsway Daanghari, Navotas
Jans Tangos, Navotas
Jans Sipac, navotas
Carlwin Naval hulo malabon
VII Naval hulo malabon
XOR Burgos, Malabon
Castline Gov Pascual Ave. Malabon
Powerlink C. Arellano Malabon
MZG Sto. Rosario Malabon

Second Day - Newbie Tournament
Malabon Ampitheater

  1. All terms and conditions of IAHGames Passport apply. This tournament is open to all servers.
  2. Each team will consist of 3 players. Players are not allowed to join multiple teams. Players found to be in multiple teams will have their teams immediately disqualified.
  3. Players from each team will be using their own GE accounts. There will be a range level of 5-20 since every participant will have to start from scratch in leveling.
  4. Each team/player can use unlimited consumables such as potions, orbs, etc.
  5. The players can use any characters / RNPCs.
  6. Players are to meet at the Cite de Reboldoeux – PvP Officer 10 minutes before the tournament starts. Each team will be given 10 minutes to prepare for each match.
  7. The team to successfully exterminate all 9 characters of the opposing team will be pronounced the winner for that match.
  8. In case of a “draw,” both teams will be required to play a “sudden death match.” Players are not allowed to change their character setup. First team to score a character-kill will be the winner of the match.
  9. Each server will have its best team at the end of the tournament.
*I'll be going on Saturday! ^_~

July 28, 2007
In-Game Event: War of the Factions

Article/s about the In-Game Event: http://ge.iahgames.com/en/news/?aid=196&sec=1&ssec=4
Submission of entries here: http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?t=13351

Events Galore! See you in-game/irl on the 28th! ^_^

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Anonymous said...

question po ate veya. The tourny po is for what level and server po? thanks

Veya said...

For the Malabon PvP Tourney, it's for a range level of 5-20 only.

DeathRow said...

cant u change the starting time of the war of factions to 1200-1400?? its really to early....

Veya said...

actually the schedules can be changed depending on the status of the game, plus on the list of participants, so there'll be adjustments. :)