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Fun with Interchange & Messages from the Players

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 by Bea

I was absent yesterday from work because I wasn't feeling well. ~_~ My apologies for not updating you guys with the latest happenings. We're currently proposing lots of in-game and irl events, so make sure to stay tuned for these. ^^

Despite for my absence, I was enlightened again to see the GE mail filled with compliments and kudos to the Philippine community, and also for the GE Team overall. Here's some of them:

From Jocel:
thank you! i'm now registered in the game and its really so cool! i want to ask something, is it true that granado espada will have game cards? is it a game time??

From Vladimir:
bakit po d nag papatch minsan GE ko?? un lang po!! TC and nice game!! adik n medyo ako i leave my previous online games to play this one!! you rock!! simple pero rock!!

From Lawrence:

good afternoon! im lawrence austria from austriagabinete family
i love your game a lot! It rules... uhm can i make a request can you make a faction war? uhm i think its cool.... All faction will choose on two side then batle each other....thanks a lot mam

And this one, the best message from our mail:
Hello Ma'am... I'm Ramell Bryan S. Fernandez... My family name in GE is Zauberkraft in Caracci. I really love the game. It's like all on-line games are included in the game. I was hesitating to play this game at first because I don't like to leave my ****** account behind... But after playing for just one hour(including creating my account first which is pretty easy), I ended up not going home for about two days just playing and playing all day long! You know RavenCloft? I think she's level 94 by now... is my classmate on the same cafe here in Bacolod City(Smackdown LaSalle). I think I saw her name in your blogspot. Geez... I hope you'll be my friend too... And... I just would like to ask something... Because of my addiction to this game,I was encouraged to buy my own PC and just play at home... So my family bought a new pc for me. At the PC store I asked them if they could readily install GE in my CPU but unluckily they don't even know the game! (T_T) So,I went to my favorite cafe and ask if they could lend me a copy of GE... And that moment really went into my nerves... They wont even let me have a copy even though I offered 500 php for just a copy of the game! So I went to another cafe... and another one... and another one! But they don't have or they just want to keep it by themselves! Hahaha... I'm sorry if I'm telling you all this stuff. I just would like to tell you my struggle just to have a copy of the GE game into my new PC. Good thing there's GE.IAHGAMES.COM. but it took me a looooong time to download the game(and praying there will be no power outage in our area to complete the download!) Well,I'm really a fan of this game. How I wish I could also be a GM like you... um... if they want another GM pls let me know... pretty please??
And by the way... while I'm typing this e-mail,I'm downloading the GE in Filefront.com website... gosh... it's pretty long time to download this game... oh well... patience for me... hehehe... How I wish you will reply... I just want to share opinions wih the game. I even downloaded the fansite kit from GE.IAHGAMES.COM.

Pls. take care and thanks a lot! Pls. Reply... ^_^

Heartwarming emails always make my day... and our biggest thanks from the overall GE Team to you all. ^_~
Fun with friends!

We had a small in-game get-together with our GE Pinoy players and agreed to use up our Interchange Mission Level 1. We were so hooked, we had 4 missions (I really didn't count, I think it was more than four!) straight.

Lag po! ^^

Hail hail! Lots of goodies! ^^

Go BOOh!!! :D

Hail again! Hehehe, although there was an unopened chest.

For more of our in-game moments, click here: GE In-Game

Say goodbye temporarily to Esthesia family, as I'll be using Veya family from now on in my Faction Visitation. ^_^ But I'll still try to have Esthesia go online on my dayoffs. ^^

Check out the video from the previous event in Davao! In YouTube hosting site: Davao CyberExpo Event

I for one, loved on how they enjoyed the tournament. ^^

Till next post! ^_~

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