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1st Faction Visitation: CARNAGE

Wednesday, July 4, 2007 by Bea

Before CARNAGE, there was PCQuest.

This was the first Filipino Faction to be created since Closed-Beta. It already had 100 members even before the Open-Beta began. The name was suppose to be Guardia Civil, according to the poll created at PinoyLag. The pioneers who created this all-pinoy faction was Overseer (Faction Leader), Infernalz, Stormrage, and Estradz.

"We call it --->>> adik-mamaw mode."

CARNAGE members are usually online all day (24/7). They go on grinding from 10AM onwards, and will be on AFK leveling early in the morning, from around 6-7AM to sleep... That makes their sleeping mode in total of three hours only. So basically, their characters are online 24/7. (I feel sorry for the computers doing all the hardwork! Just kidding ^^v) They claim that they're hardcore gamers, but not that geeky or nerdy in real life. @_@

They don't call Cervantes a PK server for nothing...
The factions that they've already challenged to test their skills and unity, was Yakisoba and VietNam. They don't go after other Pinoy Factions that much, but when some insisted and provokes them, they give them their piece of mind... (but they don't bite in real life! they're really nice to hangout with ^_^)

Teamwork please!!!
When it comes to leveling, PvP and Colony Wars, they also had some conflicts, especially in the PvP mode. In leveling, they'd usually form a squad in one map, depending on who would want to go. But when it comes to Colony Wars, they're all working together. They made it clear on the tasks assigned to each member during the recent CW testing.

My stay-in at the CARNAGE family...
It's probably the best one, eventhough for a short time. This faction may had issues and conflicts among their members, but they still manage to go through it. I'm also hoping this faction would stay for a long time. I had fun knowing their persona in-game and in real life. I was laughing so hard especially during the "graveyard shift" conversation. We also had fun in the shouts, and hopefully no one would mind it... until our microphones run out. ^^ As Estradz and I would quote: emo emo emo emo. We are under the influence of emotional overdose. \m/

You can visit them in their blog: http://gecarnage.blogspot.com/ and their forums here: http://z7.invisionfree.com/CARNAGE_Faction

And if you ran away, I'd still wave goodbye, watching you shine bright.
***My biggest thanks to Overseer, Infernalz, Seighart, MuRdOCkKiLLeRs, Lawliet, ford, Ino, Quicky, Stormrage, and of course, Estradz for making my stay entertaining. *cough* ^_^***

Credits: Hawksmoor & Estradz

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