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GranadoEspada.cc & NineMoons' Trivia Contest

Monday, July 23, 2007 by Bea

July 14

The GranadoEspada.cc International Fan Site has released their new version of their website which features more features like the Global Map System, and they've upgraded their board as well.

When you go to their homepage, you'll choose between Simon & Gabriela (nope, this is not between Republicans or Royalists! ^^) to navigate; click on Simon for the GE.cc HomePage and click on Gabriela for their own forum boards.

I've seen their Stance System guide, and it was so nice and informative that I've asked Chelsie (GE.cc Admin) to put it up again due to the demands of some in our own community mail. XD

Their forum boards has a very nice skin (kudos! I love the colors :D) and the players from across the regions had dedicated in posting information such as quests, skills, items, etc.

July 19
NineMoons, one of the most active and creative writer in the New World has opened up her own offline contest in her blog! Check it out: http://geninemoons.blogspot.com/

You can check out our offline contests at the Game! Magazine article here: GE PH Community Contests pCM Veya and NineMoons (Thanks to NineMoons ^_^)
CARNAGE has made it to level 52 during the first week of July, and there were lots on congratulations on the broadcast that time. They've also thanked me for the support on cheering them on, and so, to view their pictures that time, go to this link: Lvl 52 Faction - Republicans lemme hear yah!!!

Till next post! ^_~

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