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Granado Espada Gatherings: BSU & Trinoma Mall

Monday, July 2, 2007 by Bea

June 29 - Bulacan State University

We traveled using an Escapade van to Bulacan at 9.30AM and arrived at the university before lunchtime. They had a motorcade (which I wasn't able to take pics) before the program proper began, and while waiting, most of the guests and the students watched the games previews, and of course, including Granado Espada's Trailer.

We had a featured PvP match; 2 on 2 PvP for Cervantes and 1 on 1 PvP for Carracci. The mechanics are simple: challenge our company's GE representatives using your own account. Cervantes challengers won, while the Carracci challenger lost against our representative.

July 1 - Caravaggio EB c/o PasawayProphecy Faction

Activities: Lunchie, watch Transformers, and chitchat at the Garden

I was late. T_T This was due to my colds from the rain last Saturday, so I wasn't able to meet with NineMoons ~_~ So sorry!

Anyway, since my trusted forum moderator was there, I asked where they were staying, so I was able to catch up at 4-5PM, some already watched the movie, while the others stayed in the Garden for a chitchat. Afterwards, the other members of the PasawayProphecy finished watching and joined us at the Garden, and yes, we took lots of pictures!

With Forum Mod, Leimrey ^_^

PasawayProphecy Faction, Leimrey, Welling, Device

GE Players @ the Garden Area

Spread the Love!!! V for Victory!!!

Check out their aftermath at this link: Caravaggio EB @ GE Forums
You can also visit their blogsite at http://pasawayprophecy.wordpress.com/

Check out my photobucket gallery for the full views on the latest gatherings that I was able to attend: GE Gathering @ Photobucket

For your latest EBs and happenings, please inform me at least 3 days or more so that I could join you guys, or for me to advertise your gathering. ^_^

Till next post! ^_~

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Anne said...

mamu veya!

sayang, i missed attending a GE EB. next time i shall go wid j00! LOLZ.

glad you guys had fun. mukhang masaya ang EB. ^_~


Veya said...


sure thing. there'll be lots of EBs next time. ^_^

Jay Kerrigan™ said...

Whoah that's soooo cool you guys! Ayos ah, mukhang sobrang saya ng EB n'yo ^^;

Anyway congratulations on a successful and fun-filled EB guys.

uh, wala ba kayong extension sa Pachelbel? Can anyone suggest an active guild in Pachelbel?

Ingatz pala sa Baguio CM Veya! Have fun! xD

Veya said...


check out this site for the factions in Pachelbel: http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/forumdisplay.php?f=127

thanks ^_^

Kerrigan said...

Thanks for the info on pachelbel factions, btw i'm currently planning with Razilla of SoulSociety from Cervantes to put up a SoulSociety extension in Pachelbel too.. ^^;

Anyway REQUEST!! ^^;

I'd like to request (i'm not sure if she plays but..) Ms. Alodia Gosiengfao to cosplay as Grace Bernelli on an upcoming grand EB or commercial release event (if there's any) for GE here in the Philippines (i dunno maybe someone from you guys could talk to her or get her as an M'Cee?) ^_^?

Well I hope some of the Filipino players here would agree with me. xD

BTW she already has a white wig (for the Grace costume) the one that she wore at the toycon in megamall this year and she could prolly use that for the her dress up. ^_^v

Kerrigan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.