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War of the Factions: The Aftermath I

Monday, July 30, 2007 by Bea

The thread was suppose to close at 7.30PM, but I did mention that it'll be extended since I won't be able to close the registration since I was at the Focus Group Discussion in EGG Glorietta 4. And so, we closed it before 10AM, Saturday.

There was a few minutes delay in Vivaldi, as GM Wisschenschaft coordinated and gave instructions to the faction member representatives.

Never say never!!!
We didn't expect that much participants due to the 2-day preparation for the in-game event, and so we were so touched by lots of factions that joined! @_@
It was a bit laggy that day since everyone was gathering around the PvP officer. Thus, GM Wiss (that's my nickname for the GM ^^) PM'ed the representatives and instructed to change channel so that they can be coordinated and organized properly. Here are the breakdown of results:
(bold faction name - winner)
Vivaldi Server
1st Match: Republican VS Nemesis™
2nd Match: ØutLaws VS IntrudeRz
3rd Match: ØutLaws VS Nemesis™
4th Match: ANARCHY VS Nemesis™
5th Match: Republican VS IntrudeRz
Finals: IntrudeRz
VS Nemesis™

Pachelbel Server
1st Match: Nemesis™ VS †PINOY†ALLSTARS†
2nd Match: Nemesis™ VS Destroth
Finals: †PINOY†ALLSTARS† VS Destroth

Caravaggio Server
1st Match: PasawayProphecy VS IAMVIETNAMESE
2nd Match: NeptuneWorld VS ReBorn
3rd Match: TheCore VS Unholy
4th Match: EpicSynx VS Rebirth
5th Match: PasawayProphecy VS ReBorn
6th Match: EpicSynx VS TheCore
Finals: TheCore
VS ReBorn

Carracci Server
1st Match: Destiny VS Honor
2nd Match: ScotlandWarriors VS TITANS
3rd Match: GodLike VS Merlion
4th Match: LordofChaos VS Council
5th Match: Honor VS TITANS
6th Match: GodLike VS Council
Finals: GodLike VS Honor

Cervantes Server
1st Match: Yakisoba VS GoD
2nd Match: CARNAGE VS Vradical
3rd Match: Vradical VS GoD
4th Match: Dominion VS GoD
5th Match: Yakisoba VS CARNAGE
6th Match: CARNAGE VS GoD
Finals: Yakisoba

Congratulations to all! ^_~

***Videos to be posted for viewing pleasure***

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