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Goodbye and Thank You, 2009!

Thursday, December 31, 2009 by Bea

January 2009
I met tons of friendly and new faces of the ZXOnline Community - across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

I was totally grateful for having to meet them all.

February 2009

This is why I loved this year - it's because I was able to walk down the aisle of the dream wedding that I thought was not possible for me to do it due to tons of pain and challenges that I've faced before.

I became Mrs. Bea Corbilla.

March 2009

ZXOnline's Commercial Party! And this month also marks the anniversary of our community. Cheers!

April 2009

Biggest game convention ever! Domination 3! And ZXOnline booth has the most number of activities and tournaments. We conducted everything smoothly and even finished it all without any problems.

My family and I went to Baguio~! I love sightseeing and taking pictures and of course, shopping there everytime we go to their market.

May 2009

I've never been to Bicol before, and it was my first time thanks to the Globe Gamefest event we conducted - I was able to see the famous Mayon Volcano. The story during its eruption was sad though.

We also went to Davao again~! I love going back there. It's been 4 or 5 or 6 times since I went there, I think? Can't even count anymore!

June 2009

My fave anime, toys and cosplay convention - now I was able to attend after a few years of MIA of my cosplaying before - and this time, I get to present our games onstage!

July 2009

It's my first time in Imus, Cavite! Geez, almost all of my monthly tours are first time.
This was for the e-Games Unleashed mall tours~

August 2009

The first Metro Comic Convention, and we were there again to be ones to present and show our games!

Our Community Team also had our first team building~! 'Twas fun in working and partying!

Honeymoon much?

It was my husband's birthday, so I treated him to a whole week of sun, fun, beach and partying - just the two of us - major de-stress moment!

I Puerto Galera!

This month was also our grand launch of the Rise of the Emperor patch at SM Manila Cyberzone!

I was able to get all e-Gamers to come and join the fun! I was completely touch at their full & total support for ZXOnline.

September 2009

It was the release of my soon-to-be community, Runes of Magic. And thanks to our big boss for treating us for dinner at Chilis!

I love Cosmania~! The community that I have been before gaming came into my life. Naks!

And the Enchanted Kingdom company team building... although EK was not that as fun as we had before when it was new back then~

October 2009

Market Market for Globe Tattoo's event! And thank you Globe for making me part of the see-thru box wherein I had to beg people outside to text a message for letting me out!

November 2009

The road to Domination 4~ Wherein tons of loyal gamers had join in, and they were all so excited and super enthusiastic, and we thought we were going to have a stampede... just kidding!

I was able to meet TJ of Greyhoundz. He's my husband's close friend during their HS times... and yes, we're neighbors!

December 2009

Wow, this has to be the month of parties flowing in, here and there and everywhere!

Together with GM Vrael, we attended the Fatality EB, and yes they've also won in the most number of attendees during R2D4. Check out the pictures here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=28541&id=1072633266 (although I don't know if Ms. Donna has restricted the pics for friends only)

We had two parties in our company too~! Kampai!

And I've also hosted the e-Gamer Girls Christmas Party~
Thanks to Zaytie for helping tremendously in this one too.

My husband spent Christmas with me and my side of the family. It was the best gift ever! Well that and my Nintendo DSi that he bought for me.

And now, I get to spend my New Year's eve with my husband with his side of the family.

Don't sue me for being grateful for this year. I guess the best memories are so many that the bad ones had subside for me.

So goodbye and thank you, 2009. I hope and wish that it'll be the same for 2010.

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