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2nd Faction Visitation: AxisAvenger

Monday, July 16, 2007 by Bea

Action speaks louder than words...

Trust builds trust. Never say never.
This faction was honest to me, one also mentioned that hopefully I won't leave them because most people left their faction because they're not too showy or loud in-game. ^^

I'd only leave due to my Faction Visitation schedules though, not because they're not that into chat conversations.

This was founded by MonteCristo. According to Abellanosa, they don't have any level or other pre-requirements for getting into their faction. All they wanted is for the Pinoy players to have fun in leveling, and for their faction get-together in-game such as Interchange or other faction missions, they wanted the players to go voluntarily.

We had fun during the Interchange Mission last time wherein I luckily got a wand. ^_^

I only got a chance to talk to some of them, mostly Abellanosa and Lucino. They were really nice, it's hard to think that they're in this PK server and yet they seem to hardly make any trashtalks and/or go against other factions.

So for peace-loving players, and for those who would want to go into a faction without any much pressure, this is the place to be. ^_~

I do apologize for leaving the faction without so much goodbyes, but there are lots of factions pending and would want me to visit them. Plus, the Esthesia family will no longer be visiting factions, I'll be using the Veya family from now on. ^^

My stay in the AxisAvenger family...
Hmm... I'm going to miss the mIRC-style chat conversations we had, especially typing in !ping during lag intervals. Plus the names they would call me (the famous artists that also has my first name -_-) and their weird comments whenever there's a mic war... ^^;

Till next visit again! ^_~

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