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Featured Gamer: Estradz

Monday, July 9, 2007 by Bea

Love him, hate him. Estradz would either break your heart or will make your day complete...

Here's another article, this time I'm featuring Estradz; he's active in-game, and mostly in his faction too. As one of the pioneers in CARNAGE, this gamer has lots of things to deal with in his daily life in the world of Granado Espada...

Veya: Your real name please?
Sherwin Estrada

Area where you're staying at? (just in case someone would like to stalk you)
Malate, Manila

Still studying or working? And where?
Studying at Centro Escolar University

What are your MCC team line-up, plus the IGNs of each?
Wizard - Khay, Fighter - Shengzie, Scout - Marque = kick ass team
(lolz~ ^^)

How or to whom did you hear about the game?
Estradz: Actually it's been one year or so since I started to play GE in the Japan servers, and I saw it at mmosite.com

So that 1 year including your stay in here? in GE IAH?

What are the features of GE that got you hooked into the game?
Estradz: Graphics, unique gameplay and over-hot characters
(especially the babes, perhaps? ^_~)

Veya: Who are the players you usually look up to?
Wussking, Overseer, Quicky, Infernalz, Seighart, MudockKillers, ford

Why? ^_^
We exchange and share items that we need, they're really nice and they're all menyaks!
(lolz @_@)

Veya: Any message/s to the players?
Just grind till your eyes pop and don't forget to sleep. LOL
(kinda contradicting on the first and second part O_o)

Veyah kicking Marque ^^

Khay and Noir trying to scheme... I mean think~ lolz~

Pa-cute mode ^^v

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My comments:
His friends often call him "galante" in EBs and other gatherings. I can agree, not only financially, but perhaps to his charisma that most of his faction members and in real life friends that look up to him. You can also check out his blog: http://shengziekillz.blogspot.com/ or catch him in the CARNAGE forums and take note that he made that forum boards (talented! *cough*).

You can reach him in-game, or thru his YM messenger or thru his friendster profile. @___@
Yeah, you can find all the info on his blog.

That's all! Peace out! ^^v

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