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Hot Cosplay Babes

Saturday, July 31, 2010 by Bea

D'you wanna know why most of the people today are hooked into online games?

And yeah, the guys would agree with me. To end this post, and to leave something in your imagination, a fanart...

Happy Gaming! ^_~

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Where There's Hate, There's Love

Friday, July 30, 2010 by Bea

I haven't written anything on my personal blogs lately. Oh wait, this is blog #9999?

But seriously, I miss Blogger. Not for promotional purposes, but I just missed writing here.

About the title, I just flipped it over (if there is such a word) instead of the usual quote. Or maybe this is the original quote, I have no idea.
Lately, I've been reading Learnings in Life - the ones that I've spammed all over my Plurk work profile & Facebook profiles. This is so that I can focus on positive things in life, but lately sometimes it doesn't work. It made me more miserable than ever.

Instead of dwelling & pondering over at my workplace, I wanted to turn my attention in the real world - the people around me that I care, and the people around me that I don't-so-much care about. Don't kill me on that sentence! Let's be honest, everyone has these moments in life.

But instead of good stuff, there's still bad stuff in the real world. Like funerals - I really hate it. The smell of the flowers, and the soft cries around you. And yes, I tend to be either super silent or crying terribly during these days, but either way, there's only one meaning to it - I'm really affected by it. There's reasons that I ask the skies above on why these people had to leave us.

I just hug people - whether I don't like them or not. It's my simple gesture of saying, "I'm still here, if you do need me at all."

I guess people sometimes misinterpret some of my ways, but that's just me. My being silent & hugging people doesn't mean I'm a total ice queen or heartless. I may look like the-girl-who-doesn't-give-a-damn-in-this-world, but I'm not cruel. I really can't say more, but maybe some can tell, and some may notice.

Sometimes I change for the worst, or change for the best.

When people say stuff behind my back, I may deserve some, but not all. This also pertains to everyone else, too. It's really one of the bad habits of us, human beings. Emotions tend to be a major part of everything we do.

We can't make people love us on who we really are, and we can gain their trust easily even thru our words or our feelings. And I can't really give that 100% advice that you're waiting for this entry to end on... so...

Maybe hate really brings out love, too. Who knows? ^_~

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