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Fan Teasers and a Campaign

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 by Bea

Since the Granado Espada PH website construction is still on-going, the PH Community Blog will be hosting the best fanart, fansite, fanblog, fanfiction, fanpoetry for Granado Espada players who are interested to join!


  1. Participants are allowed to use the fansite kit at http://ge.iahgames.com/en/downloads/?sec=6&ssec=31 and/or use their in-game screenshots.
  2. No politics / issues are allowed (i.e. naming people in scenarios that are not nice especially if it’s already in vulgar form of writing).
  3. Vulgarity or abuse of language is not allowed.
  4. Use of any obscene images, nudity or any form of pornography is not allowed for the participants.
  5. Any form of art or writings should be related to the world of Granado Espada.
  6. Winners will be featured at http://veya-esthesia.blogspot.com/ and will receive angel wings as prize.

***For Fanart***

~ all entries must bear the Granado Espada theme
~ any medium can be used to create the fanart
~ entries should not contain anything that infringes patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right, or any privacy, publicity or publishing rights of any party, or is libelous, obscene or otherwise contrary to law
~ non-digital entries (like sketches) should be scanned first before submitting it; the file should be in jpeg or png format, 92 dpi, and no more than 1mb in size

a broadly-defined term for fiction about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creators. Fan fiction usually describes works which are uncommissioned by the owner of the work, and usually (but not always) works which are not professionally published

common to fanfiction, whereas it is in the form of poetry (http://www.fanpoetry.com/)

based on a character, costume, item, or story that was created by someone other than the artist; the term, while it can apply to art done by fans of characters from books, is usually used to refer to art derived from visual media such as comics, movies or video games
***Fanart entries should be in 1600 x 1200 pixels***

a website created and maintained by a fan(s) or devotee(s) interested in a celebrity, thing, or a particular cultural phenomenon; fansites may offer specialized information on the subject (e.g., episode listings, biographies), pictures taken from various sources, media downloads, links to other, similar fansites, and the chance to talk to other fans

similar to fansite but in a form of an online journal or diary (just like the PH community blog)

Anti-bot Campaign
In addition to this, we'd like to conduct an anti-bot campaign that's currently a major issue in most games like ours. So, we'll add up a signature-making contest wherein the winner shall also receive angel wings as prize and also for the Philippine Community to add this up on their profile. The most forum members who will add your signature in their forum profile wins! (it's like a People's Choice)

Example of this:

The mechanics of the ones I've stated above also applies here, and the size should be at least 350 x 65 pixels (suppose to be like the Pinoy siggy so that forumers may add them up along with their own personal signature in their profile) and avoid too much animation if you'd like to put it in .gif format.

Make it as conceptual and catchy as you can!

***All entries must contain the following information***
~ email subject: GE [Category (i.e. Fanart)]
~ the attached file of your work
~ real name, email address and contact number
~ in-game family name

***IP-Interactive will determine whether a particular submission is appropriate to be displayed to the public; all accepted submissions will be posted at the Granado Espada PH Community Blog***
***All your works will be judged on creativity, originality and impact***

So goodluck! Send your entries at veya@granadoespada.com.ph and make sure to follow the sizes, pixels, and other mechanics to avoid disqualification of your entries. Submission of entries starts today and deadline is until the end of this month. Comments and suggestions are open, feel free to ask or inquire.

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Onigiri said...

Just to clarify some points

1. Do you consider Faction websites made using blogs as fanblogs?
2.If you do, then do we just simply email you the website?
3. If a fanblog/fansite wins with 2 or more founders, do they get 1 angel wing each or just one angel wing who ever sent the email to you?

Veya said...

1. Yes, Faction sites are considered fanblogs as long as it's in online journal hosting sites. ^_^
2. Yes, just the url address.
3. Fansite differs from fanblog. I don't quite get this part, mind elaborating on it? ^^ Thanks.

filsimmer said...

Lady Veya, I would to ask the following:

1. Is it possible for one contestant to participate in multiple categories?
2. Can I only win in one category?
3. I am planning to submit a video of myself singing to the tune of Yoyoy Villame's song with different lyrics that is related to Granado Espada. Will this qualify as an fan entry? If so, to what category?

Veya said...


1. Yes, as long as you follow the mechanics and format.
2. You can most likely win in any category.
3. We don't have the GE Song contest yet, perhaps if you care to save that song in IMEEM and let us listen to it, we'll put up such category. ^_^

Janet said...

Such valid points. Only wish people would listen to what you say here!