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Server Maintenance [08.02 - 08.03]

Friday, August 3, 2007 by Bea

Dear Gamers,

The Granado Espada LIVE servers have been brought down for maintenance since this morning and our technical team has been conducting configurations, optimization and testing.

However, pending additional upgrades and optimization for server systems and network, we have decided that the maintenance will have to be extended to 1200hrs tomorrow (3rd August 2007, Friday). The entire IAHGames technical team had been activated to perform these scheduled tasks but the time taken have exceed our buffered expectation. We think that it is important that we thoroughly test the system before opening it again, thus the entire IAHGames technical team will be working overnight to do so.

To compensate for a night without Granado Espada, the game worlds (servers) will be blessed with Double Experience Rate (2X EXP Boost) starting from the same time the servers are brought back tomorrow. This 2X EXP boost will last till 6 August, Monday, 10am (GMT+8). We will restart the servers on 6 August, Monday, from 10am-11am (GMT+8) to restore the EXP gain rate to its normal rate. Get your rations ready for a long weekend ahead!

We’ll post more updates on this article as we move along the maintenance period. Stay with us!

Team G.E.


Dear gamers,

due to some technical glitches with the databases, our technical team is working with the Korean developers in resolving the issue now.

This occurrence was totally unexpected and thus we had to extend the maintenance for another 2 hours, till 1400hrs (GMT+8).

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience it might have caused and we hope for your kind understanding on this matter.

We will update this thread as we proceed on.

Team G.E.


Server maintenance has been completed and game service has resumed on 03 August 2007, Friday, 1300hrs (GMT+8).

Thank You for the patience.

~Lavender (IAH Staff)

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