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3rd Faction Visitation: MilitiaSangre

Thursday, July 19, 2007 by Bea

MilitiaSangre. A faction created by blood, and bounded by blood.

This faction was created a week before POBT. It took them 2 hours just to come up with a name. At first, they wanted to have Amistad, it backfired due to lots of meanings behind the name; it was a name for a movie about slavery, and the other meaning is friendship. Basically, they wanted to retain their bond of trinity (naks!) in the New World. The pioneers behind this are Caelesti (their faction leader), Washburn (Vice-leader), eLfshimmeR, Lightbreeze, Loredan, Silvercross and Hevendrop.

A pact you can't forget...
They had 52 members, and at least 10-15 are active and plays 3 hours of grind leveling and almost 24/7 on afk mode due to work and career. There are some active players that manage to go on a 24/7 grind leveling, and some of them are now in the level range of 90-100.

The action doesn't stop in Carracci...
Even though the PK system is not implemented here, they still participate in the Colony Wars actively, and practice PvP, micro / individual mode. This way, they enhance their control in their three characters.

Never question the authority, especially if it's a woman!
Caelesti is the one who manage the faction and lead them in the Colony Wars. But she always do the questioning first on information and the cons before they take on the action, which leads to debate among the members. And so, she's now busy with work, and decided along with her members to do a remake of their faction, and appointing another leader to lead the Colony Wars and to increase the level of their faction. Well, goodluck on that! ^_^

You can check out their thread here & they're currently recruiting for the remake of their faction: http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?t=4749

Faction Reputation is important. We don't tolerate our faction mates to do some nasty and silly things because our faction was from our last online game we played and we intend to keep it clean up to the New World.

My message: I'd like to thank Caelesti, eLfshimmeR, and Lightbreeze. The tres cepas of this faction has been so very nice, and yes quite entertaining in my stay. This EB-lovin' faction will make a memory for me in the world of Carracci. Kudos to y'all! ^_~

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Caelesti said...

Thanks for the nice article, CM Veya! It was fun having you in MilitiaSangre's ranks, even if it was for a short while. Long live MilitiaSangre!

Veya said...

hey! don't forget, i'll still visit the remake of your faction =P goodluck on your future endeavors! ^_^

washburn said...

didn't even get d chance to talk to you ingame hehe, btw we've already have a new faction name, BloodMilitia. hope you can drop by sometime ^_^

Veya said...

hi washburn! kk! will do~ you can also add me in your ym messenger if you want >>> bea_sakura18

catch you later, ayt? ^_^