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Hug Campaign! Spread the Love!

Monday, March 3, 2008 by Bea

Crossposted to: GE Barracks: Pinoys' Bond of Trinity
This weekend was a blast! Last Saturday night, my Carracci friends of the Revolution Faction invited me to a dinner since it was Illuvien's birthday treat (Happy Birthday again dearie!). Our second purpose to Il Pirata in Libis was to check out the place for the upcoming raid party to be conducted by Deniva. They loved the place, it looks like the Pinta Ship wherein every newbie has to go thru Captain Ricardo. Too bad, he's not for real in Il Pirata:

Gatoblanca was shocked to see this mirror, thus keeping her innocence from closing her eyes. XD

Strouheim in Andre-ish mode while checking the chairs and tables. ^^

We love the jester! <3

More pictures later by Strouheim. ^_~

Last night in Cervantes, as some of the players were swarming around me for inquiries, and also getting ready for Colony Wars, they formed a line in hugging pose! At first, we just joined them, CARNAGE leading the line, then we broadcasted to have a Hug Campaign in City of Auch just to release the tension on the overwhelming round of complaints and issues (be it in-game or in-real-life! XD). Anyway, here are the screenies:

Fall in-line! Don't break the rules~ ^^

After a few minutes, more and more players are getting in-line~

Hearts & snowflakes to spread the love!

Around 8PM, people started to say their goodbyes since it was time for Colony Wars. I broadcasted many thanks and goodluck for their battle. This is not only the Pinoy community, but everyone who wanted to show that not all issues can be settled in war or complaints. Some can be done by gestures or simply thru lots of hugs! <3

PS. Thanks to Karja's Box for giving me a violet ponytail hairstyle for my wiz. Now I'll be giving the Claro Mago hairstyle to my 2nd wiz. (Two times getting the violet ponytail, the first was in Carracci). XP

Till next post! ^_~