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Customer Services & Applicable Fees

Friday, February 29, 2008 by Bea

Taken from: http://ge.iahgames.com/en/news/?aid=537&sec=1&ssec=4
The following services listed below require a fee from gamers before IAHGames will administer the service. The affected and new services are listed below along with their respective fees. Due to the overwhelming influx increase of tickets over the last few weeks, this change will allow IAHGames customer service to serve you more effectively and efficiently.

Customer Services and Applicable Fees

Limited Access - Unblocking of account. Vis will be reduced to 50,000.
Reimbursement of Items - No guaranteed options/stats. In the event whereby claims of item lost is invalid. The reason of loss does not tally with the findings of investigations. The request would be rejected.
Character Restoration of account - No guaranteed items worn on the character will be restored.

Limited Access / Suspended or Banned Accounts
Release of Suspended Accounts

  • 1st time: $200
  • 2nd time: $400
  • 3rd time: $600
Change of Passport information. Emails, Identification numbers, etc.
Change of Particulars in IAHGames Passport - $10

Reimbursement of Items
When user's mis-handles their in game item and sold off to NPC, or claims that lag causing them to sell/chip to NPC
  • 1st time: $20
  • 2nd time: $40
  • 3rd time: $60
Character Restoration of Account
User accidentally deleted the wrong character/reimbursement of characters from hacked account
  • 1st time: $20
  • 2nd time: $40
  • 3rd time: $60
For request of above services, please attach this form to the ticket. Download here: http://ge.iahgames.com/Recovery_Request_Form_v1.rar

Certain frequently asked questions from the community:
  • what's the reason behind the fees?
  • how do we pay?
Do PM or comment if you guys want to add more. I'll raise these questions to IAH directly as well. ^_^

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