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Goodies & Premium Buffs for All!

Thursday, March 13, 2008 by Bea

To celebrate the launch of the icafe privileges, we are extending these privileges to ALL citizens of Granado Espada from 13 March 2008, Thursday - 27 March 2008, Thursday!

These privileges include:

FREE Daily In-Game Items (Per day/Login): 5 Warp Scrolls, 10 Firecrackers, 3 Progressive Health-Fillers, 3 Progressive Soul-Fillers
FREE Additional 20% Character and Stance EXP Buff!
FREE Additional 20% Drop Rate!
FREE Access to Forgotten Territory Premium Dungeons!

And, yes! These buffs stack with your various combat and tactics manuals!

Login to GE and experience the bond of trinity~!

GE Team

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