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Testing is Fun!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 by Bea

This was suppose to be one of the surprises for the gals on Saturday, but I can't help it. XD

I tested one just to make sure the codes are working well, and so here it is:

I tested it in Caravaggio with my bunny babies~

The boyfriends kept asking me if they could come, and I told them they could wander around the Metrowalk until we could finish our girl group discussion.

Anyway, see yah ladies on the 29th! And oh, I still have a few slots left. Do make your reservations soon so that we can include you on the food and tokens. ^_~

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Lady 'K said...

We're going to have that freebie!??!?!

Now i definately want to come! *tongues out to the guys*

>:) <---little miss meanie. :D :D

Veya said...


you're a meanie~ XD