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Aftermath: Girl Gamer Gathering

Monday, March 31, 2008 by Bea

Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth. ~Ellie Sattler of Jurassic Park

Girl Gamers rock the Gamefrog Metrowalk!
Even we are Mother Earth's friends. The iCafe were filled with serious, yet fun & energetic girls of Granado Espada. Some of them were new, but eventually got hooked into playing during our Freeplay.

Btw, in addition to the rabbit hairlace (suppose to be called hairband!), I bought those cute little pencils, so hopefully you ladies enjoyed it. It's a small token of appreciation of your contribution to the community for the past few months.

We had a group discussion after our meal, and we ended up having a "girlie session" alongside the half-naked men they'd like to see in-game (as if the oiled-body and beachwear costumes weren't enough XD) and the heated conversation on issues such as RMT, bots, scams, and other cases. But it was nice to see that most of the ladies didn't complain much about the pricing, which means we're richer than the guys? XP~ (just kidding! ^^v)

Then instead of the tournament, we opt to raffle the delicious in-game item prizes, and so congratulations to the ff:

stormseeks (the expert girl XD) - Elite La Ventisca armor
- Le Blanc
- Cumulonimbus Shield

- 500 Adelina's booty searches
- 300 Adelina's booty searches
- 100 Adelina's booty searches

And we would like to thank Mr. Relly Carpio and Jainie of hackenslash (Inquirer) to join our wacky gathering, and took photos and interview videos of the ladies. ^_^

All of the present attendees shall receive a Combat Manual Expert 15D and a Forgotten Territory pass, beside the freebies they've already received during the event.

This event will make history - and no guy will ever accuse us of being chixilogs again!

Some of the pics are now being uploaded here: Lumiere Deesse
Next project: to promote more girl gamer gathering & build a girl gamer webby! ^_~

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Lady 'K said...

I can't believe i'm saying this but...

we look alike. @___@"

Neeee--saaaaannn!!! =))

Thanks for posting our pics together Veya! It was an honor! XD

Jac said...

nyarr :3 It was fabulous meeting all of you there!

DeSanggria said...

today, gamefrog...tomorrow, zeh world! BOHAHAHAHA!!

go girls! :3

Veya said...

ahahaha, long-lost imouto? :P

sexxae mo nun ah~ aymishyu ulet ^^

girl domination? o_o

Jac said...

mishu too! *raeps*

Veya said...

*rapes j0o back*

RohNaga said...

Congratulations on the wonderful event! May it spark more activities or initiatives in future among women and gamers alike, from your region and all over the globe.

Veya said...

thank you for that sweet support nizam! :D

Ligaya said...

Gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh super sorry I was there late... and I left early. >.<000

Veya said...

at least you were able to join us on the aftermath :) *hugs j0o*

Ligaya said...

{hugs joo back ... and raeps you as well XD}

Veya said...

kyaaa~! may minors @joy XD~