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Pre-Registration for e-Games Domination II

Thursday, March 27, 2008 by Bea

Tired of waiting in-line during big events like this?

Then pre-register now for the event and just present your verification!
There are two ways to do it:

SMS Pre-Registration
Enter the following syntax in your cellphone:
a. For those with e-Games accounts (RAN Online, Audition Dance Battle, O2Jam, Supreme Destiny players): E-GAMES DOMINATION
b. For those with IAHGames passport accounts (Granado Espada players): E-GAMES DOMINATION
c. Send the correct syntax to 2948.
You will receive the e-Games Domination II logo with the following message:
E-GAMES DOMINATION: Thanks for downloading the exclusive e-Games DOMINATION logo (P15.00/logo). You are now pre-registered to the e-Games DOMINATION event on April 6, 2008 at Function Halls 3 & 4 of the SMX Convention Center near SM Mall of Asia. Please present the downloaded logo together with any unscratched ePoints or GVC card to claim your ID at the Pre-Registered Booth at the venue. For more details on the event, please log on to: http://domination.e-games.com.ph/
3. Present the said SMS verification/e-Games logo at the Express Lane along with an unscratched EPoints/GVC card and a valid ID.

Web Pre-Registration
Go to http://domination.e-games.com.ph/prereg.php
Key in the following information:
a. First Name
b. Last Name
c. Username (e-Games/IAHGames)
d. Birth Date
e. Mobile Number
f. Email Address
g. Security Code
Click the [Submit] button.
Print out your pre-registered form and present it at the Express Lane along with an unscratched ePoints/GVC card and a valid ID.

Visit http://granadoespadaph.multiply.com/ for more details on the GE activities! ^_~

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