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Fantazzztic Film Awards Grand Finals

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 by Bea

Congratulations to the ones who made it to the top!
~1st Prize~
Behringer, NineMoons, Reclusion

~2nd Prize~
Reclusion, Fiksdotter, iCez

~3rd Prize~
Fetuccini, Weisswritter, Mortreux

FFA Recognition will be held on the e-Games Dom1nat1on II Anniversary. ^_~

*All FFA participants, including the winners mentioned above of the ff. should be present on April 6, at the SMX Convention Center:

  • Zaleski
  • Corinthias
  • Cerex
  • Sigrid
  • Kincaid
  • deEspania
  • Familier

Do bring a copy of your entries too!

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darrick07 said...


NineMoons Family said...

better late than never, thanks~


darrick07 said...

yah lor!

Veya said...

btw, i need hi-resolution copies before the anniversary ha~ in mpeg format please para ma-play for the video loop during the anniversary. thanks! :)

Len said...

weeeeeeeeeeeee~ -Fetuccini

Veya said...

edited~! check out the announcement. thanks!

Lady 'K said...

Yay! i'LL burn a copy na. ^_^v

Kita kits people! :D

iCez said...

yay.. Reclusion will have a speech just like what andre did in the movie. "Fantztic isn't it?" xD

Lady 'K said...

yay.. Reclusion will have a speech just like what andre did in the movie. "Fantztic isn't it?" xD

Mena should be the one to do the speech imitation! Or Le Blanc team sings "Where are all the shopping Malls?"/"It's Raining Men!" >:) >:)>:)

Veya said...


may magttumbling at magssplit ba sa stage? XD~ para sabihan ko management and ambulance to stand-by~

LeVrone~ said...

Err, Ms. Veya~

Pano kame ni Cerex, Corinthias...

TagaZamboanga po kame!! T__T

Oh yeah! this is Zaleski-cutesy.. XD

Veya said...

papadala na lang ata via shipping yung prizes ninyo~ ^_^

LeVrone~ said...

weeeee~ ty mami veya... esta ms veya! lol

But how I wish I could go to the said event!

Veya said...

no prob!

honga eh, sayang. =/