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Back-to-Basics: Checking Your Feedback Tickets

Thursday, March 13, 2008 by Bea

Usually when you submit a ticket - be it the Game Feedback or Service Feedback, and make it to the finish line wherein it's confirmed that you had sent it, you'd say "yes! I'm done... but... now what?" Y_Y

Remember the EMAIL ADDRESS you guys registered in during the NEW ACCOUNT REGISTRATION at the IAHPassport page? This site: http://passport.iahgames.com/ is wherein you can register, edit your profile, change password, email, etc.

Back to your ticket, usually to check if your report went in, there should be an automated reply that will look like this:

Then there would be another automated reply on the status of your ticket (whether it'll be categorized on technical, GMs, etc.)

The last reply would be the final verdict on your case. Which means, it's wherein the GMs / Tech Support would usually reply and solve the case. There's also a message there that if you would want to report again, just click the "GAME FEEDBACK HERE" and submit/make a follow-up along with the CASE REFERENCE number - this is your TICKET NUMBER during the FIRST AUTOMATED REPLY of your submitted report. You can also click that REPLY button in your email to make a follow-up or add more to your report.

Always remember to check your REGISTERED EMAIL of your GE IAHPassport account. That is where the GE Team usually reply unto, so do check it before your itching fingers would want to post a spam topic into the forum thread saying "hey! howcome you guys aren't responding to my ticket?"

Time is of the essence. Let's help out each other here instead of sulking in a corner. This tip will save both yours, and everyone's productivity. ^_^

Contributors of the article: the GE Game & Tech Support Team, special thanks to the GM head ^_~

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