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Veya's Challenge for February

Monday, February 4, 2008 by Bea

Before that, lemme congratulate the winners of the Post-Holiday Stylish Screenshot:

1st Place - Philistia of Carracci
1 Pwnage Package

2nd Place - Jing of Cervantes
1 Chrysalis Package

3rd Place - Juliet of Caravaggio
3 pairs of Blessed Black Angel Wings

Click on the thumbnails for larger image. ^^
Post Your Best Holiday Screenshot!

The Challenge:
Players will be using their own GE screenshots to portray their own meaning of Valentines Day. They could edit the screenshots, or include famous love quotes.

Sample Format:

• Size: 1024 x 768 pixels or less
• Theme: Love / Valentines
• In JPEG format only
• One entry only per player
• Pornography or any nudity exposure is not allowed
• Please observe copyrights, do not steal images from any other websites
• Deadline of submission of entries is until February 22, 2008.

1st Place – 1 Beachwear of their choice, 3 pieces of Blessed Leaping Croc Bag
2nd Place – 3 pieces of Blessed Ivory Bag
3rd Place – 1 piece of Blessed Satchel

Happy Valentines everyone! <3

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