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Tribute to the Ladies

Thursday, February 7, 2008 by Bea

Hear Ye to all Ladies of the PH Community~

March is Women's Month, and I'd like to propose a gathering to all the female beings of the New World. However, I would need to check out whether you gals will be available by next month, and I'll be needing the ff. information:

  • Real Name
  • In-Game Family Name
  • Server
  • Contact No/s
  • Email Address
  • Picture/s (if any)
If you prefer your info would not be shown in the public, please PM me here, or in my Yahoo Messenger, or send me an email at veya@granadoespada.com.ph

Do also vote if you're willing to participate in gatherings like these, and on the schedules of your availability.

To the gentlemen, please do also invite your femme acquaintances and provide their information to me.

Discussion thread here: http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?t=29954

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