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Good Things Come to those Who Wait

Thursday, February 21, 2008 by Bea

Items Galore~!
Check this out for more info: http://ge.iahgames.com/en/news/?aid=526&sec=1&ssec=4

and also check out the new RNPC costumes that are now on 20% discount until the 28th of February!

I already bought mine for my Jack~

Events Galore~!
Adelina's Booty - http://ge.iahgames.com/en/news/?aid=501&sec=1&ssec=4
Join and search a booty now! >> http://ge.iahgames.com/abs/

2nd Raid Party?
Check out Deniva's proposal here: http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?t=30998

and don't forget A Tribute to the Ladies being discussed here: http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?t=29954

Good news for everyone!
Not all ye efforts and suggestions has been ye ignored. Thus, all good things come to those who wait.

PS. Thanks for the birthday greetings! And my big thanks to Hrin, especially to Jon of IAH.

Live GE! ^_~

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