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Back to Basics: How to File a Bug Report

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 by Bea

Many of us had experienced technical errors and lots of bugs already in-game. May it be major or minor, most would email me about it without even report it thru a ticket first. CMs doesn't have the power to fix your bug reports. So I'll be teaching you guys how to report, and hopefully have your 'bugs' fixed. ^^

Go to this link: http://ge.iahgames.com/en
On the right side panel, underneath the GE Item Shop icon with the pretty face, you'll be able to see the T-rex icon. Click on that one so that you'll be redirected to the Game Feedback ticket.

Click on the LOGIN icon.

Type in the account ID (username) and password of your account, then click on LOGIN again.

From here, you'll be viewing the GAME FEEDBACK ticket. Click on the "CLICK TO VIEW THE BUG REPORT GUIDE." You'll be redirected to this link: http://ge.iahgames.com/en/support/?aid=58&sec=7&ssec=61

When submitting a bug report, Please provide very specific information concerning the bug you encountered. Explain your issue clearly so we can investigate and solve the issue.

Here are some points to note:

* Include the quest names as well as the NPCs or items.
* Include the level or rank of the skills or spells.
* Include the location and name of the NPCs accurately.

How to attach screenshot for bug report
The maximum file size for attaching screen shots is 2mb. Please set the quality of the screenshot to "Normal Quality(JPG)" in game options. If you need to submit multiple screen shots, compress the files with Win-Zip or Win-Rar and keep the size below 2mb.

Here's a sample:

Go back to your ticket. Make sure you've selected CATEGORY as BUG. Remember the pointers in submitting a bug report. Details and steps on how you got the BUG will be very much helpful.

We can provide follow-up on your bug report. Please send to veya@granadoespada.com.ph the ff. details:

  • your userID / username
  • your In-Game Family Name & Server
  • reference # (if any)
Till next post! ^_~

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