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Project Hostile Takeover

Thursday, January 31, 2008 by Bea

[In-Game Event] Project Hostile Takeover
Date: 2 February 2008, Saturday
Caravaggio 1300 SGT - 1345 SGT (GMT +8)
Pachelbel 1400 SGT - 1445 SGT (GMT +8)
Vivaldi 1500 SGT - 1545 SGT (GMT +8)
Cervantes 1600 SGT - 1645 SGT (GMT +8)
Carracci 1700 SGT - 1745 SGT (GMT +8)

Channel(s): 1
Duration: 45 Minutes

Background Story:
“Hell hath no fury like a [GM] scorned….”
After failing to foil the plans of Emilia and Hrin in spreading the love of fashion in Granado Espada, Karjalainen and the [GM]s have came up with a ‘counter-attack’ plan. They are planning to buyout Hrin Potions and do a hostile takeover of Hrin Potions Inc.! Who will win this domestic war in the end?

[GM] Garage Sales:
The [GM]s will be selling Level 52 Elite armors in the various cities. Only Hrin’s Potions will be accepted as currency for this sales event.

[GM] Garage Auction:
They will also be auctioning various interesting items that they have found whilst spring cleaning their garage. Similarly, only Hrin Potions will be accepted as currency for bidding. [GM] will utilize in-game notices to commence a bid, with starting bid, minimum increment made, etc. Microphones must be used to place a bid. Recognized broadcasts will be based on sequence found in the ‘System’ tab.

In-Game Event: FAQ
Q: Can everyone take part in this event?
Yes, everyone can take part in this event.

Q: Do we need to register for the event?
No, registration is not necessary.

Q: Do we need a Squad to take part in this event?
No, you do not need to be in a squad.

Q: What do I need in order to participate?
You will need Hrin’s potions for this event. They can be purchased from the Premium Item Merchant at all major cities or via Market Manager (while stocks last).

Q: What are the available items for bidding?
It’s a surprise. On that same note, families can only win an auction once. This is to allow others to have a chance to win the other auctions.

Q: Where can I find the [GM]s selling the Elite Level 52 armors?
They will be hidden in some of the major cities. Hints will be given via in-game notices as to where they are located. You will need to locate and trade the [GM]s as soon as possible.

Q: Is there any limited amount one family can buy?
The [GM] will only trade one Elite Level 52 Armor to you for a certain number of Hrin’s Potions. The number required for trade will be announced in-game during the event.

E.g. If the Elite Level 52 Armor costs 10 Hrin’s Potions, even if you trade 20 Hrin’s Potions, the [GM] will only give you ONE Elite Level 52 Armor.

Q: What if I trade more Hrin’s Potions than the price of an Elite 52 Armor or the auction that I won?
Any additional Hrin’s Potions given to the [GM] will go into donations for Project Hostile-Takeover-Of-Hrin’s-Potions-Inc. We thank you kindly in advance.

Q: How do I win the events?
If you decide to bid for the Auction, it is of utmost importance that you get Hrin’s Potions stocked up in your inventory before going all out. This amount must be equivalent to your highest bid.
If you decide to buy items from the [GM]s, find and trade the [GM]s the correct number of Hrin’s Potions as soon as possible!

Q: Do I use whisper or broad to bid for an item?
Microphones MUST be used to bid for an item.

Q: How long will one auction last?
Each auction will last for a maximum of 5 minutes. If there is no one else bidding when the [GM] gives a last call for that auction, the auction will end. Auction timer would be based on the [GM] in charge, countdown will be provided when the time is ending.

Q: How do I determine someone bid higher than me?
Bids that are submitted through broadcasts will be acknowledged under the ‘System’ tab, NOT the marquee broadcast!
When the countdown timer is activated, highest bid that comes before ‘0’ (Zero) will be taken into consideration first.

Q: So… what if I won the bid but I don’t have the premium items needed?
We recommend that you have the premium items in your inventory before the event starts. Once the winner of the auction has been declared, [GM]s will immediately summon you to do the trades! If you do not possess the number of Hrin’s Potions that you used to bid for, the next highest bid will win the item, and you may be exempt from taking part in the rest of the auction!

Q. What will happen to those who disrupt the event with microphones and such?
Those who disrupt the event will be silenced for the rest of the event.

Disclaimer: Mechanics & Schedule may be subject to change.

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