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Strange Things Happen

Thursday, February 28, 2008 by Bea

OK, now I get the definition of a "Blue Moon."
I was doing my server visits instead of factions visits nowadays, and during my levelling in Cervantes with a friend, my characters died and my scout, with zero HP was still standing. See the screenshot:

I was able to walk, and I thought it was lag, but yeah, my scout was still standing and walking without the HP. XD

Then, greeting the old members of CARNAGE, we had a very weird photoshoot:

In Carracci, my friends were not happy at first to see my name with an attachment of [CM]. (But GMs told me that [CM] was unique and cannot be used by anyone else! *cries*)
Anyway, they asked me alot of questions to prove my innocence~ *sobs* but sad to say, no, I cannot teleport to you my friends, because my additional name does not add any power to my account. XD

*Click for larger pic!*

and my apologies:

Well, my visit in Pachelbel is a bit quiet. I did got myself two mouse hats. ^^ And it's the first time I wasn't scared of rats - that is, just in-game. I also love the 1 pc. Karja's Box. Do buy one, I got a Sheep Hair Horn of femme Elementalist from it in Vivaldi. :D

Check out my side panel for the server visits. My hotspots in those servers are the ff:
Cervantes - City of Auch
Carracci - Port of Coimbra
Caravaggio - Cite de Reboldoeux
Pachelbel - Port of Coimbra
Vivaldi - Cite de Reboldoeux

and my In-Game Family name can now be PMed as [CM]Veya in ALL servers.

PS. I love weird stuff/happenings in-game. XD~

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