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Victorian Valentine Updates

Friday, February 15, 2008 by Bea

You could now reserve tickets and shuttle seats for Victorian Valentine.
All you have to do is email the following:

Your Name:
Number of tickets:
And please indicate if you will be taking the shuttle service or not.

Send your email to freekiss17@yahoo.com, and they will send you back a confirmation letter and a stub which will serve as proof of your reservation of tickets and shuttle seats as well as additional information.

Reserving a ticket automatically gets you a seat to the shuttle. The rendevous for the shuttle service is at Shangri-la Mall Edsa, Starbucks (at the top most floor)

Here is the shuttle service schedule.
Batch A - 5:00 departure, 5:45 Arrival
Batch B - 5:45 departure, 6:30 arrival
Batch C - 6:30 departure, 7:15 arrival
Batch D - 7:15 departure, 8:00 arrival
Batch E - 8:00 departure, 8:45 arrival
Batch F - 8:45 departure, 9:00 arrival

For the ones commuting or who will be using their cars, check out the map here: http://www.victorianvalentine.info/venue.html

Hope to see everyone there! ^_~

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