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4th Faction Visitation: PasawayProphecy

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 by Bea

Spread the Love in GE!

Pasaway din si Ate Veya...
Those were the words pronounced the minute that they invited me in the faction. But hey, I got tons of fun meeting them on their first unofficial EB at the Trinoma Mall. ^_~

A very weird in-game moment...
I was peacefully strolling around Ferruccio Junction, when this Hill Giant suddenly appeared (and nope, not the 'Great' Hill Giant ^^) and yes, I wasn't able to do some damage because of my level. T_T

I ain't no princess! lolz~ I told them where I was, so their veterans went and killed it within a minute or so. @_@

This faction in Caravaggio was created during closed-beta, but with a different name, AMAQC. The name was Kerigan's idea from his previous guild. He wanted to continue and propagate in the New World. (@_@ ehehehe...)

The Pioneers

The people behind this lively faction were Kerigan / Kupz / beedee / Crestfall / Being / Nett / BlackDove / Riskbearer / Onigiri / Hisame / Adubal / Lapislazuri / qVasquez / Todo / Xelestia.

They currently have 81 active members playing on different schedules. They're also on 24/7 adik mode, 12-14 hours of AFK mode.

Currently they're all trying to reach level 100, getting their much-awaited veteran stances and helping the others to get kick-ass gears as well.

Did I mention that they're addicted in organizing EB events not only for themselves, but for all servers for GE? ^^

Usually they hangout at Kerigan's place, his computer shop, playing DOTA and doing crazy things like videoke and drinking red horse at the same time eating pizza. (hope no one's a minor!)

PP with CM Veya

Kudos to PasawayProphecy~! May they always be pasaway, and hopefully still abiding by the game rules as well! XD~

Till next post! ^_~

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