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Wednesday, August 29, 2007 by Bea

There will be a server maintenance for Granado Espada on 30 August 2007, Thursday, 1000hrs-1600hrs (GMT+8). During this period, Granado Espada game service will be unavailable.
Denominations for our Game Value Cards here in the Philippines are 300, 100 and 50 pesos. List of retailers and distributors are still to be announced.
September 7-14
Granado Espada National Tournament

Nationwide Tournament for Philippines on North, Central and South Luzon, National Capital Region, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Winners of every location of the tourney will represent and join the finals on Sept. 15!

Stay tuned for the list of iCafe locations!
September 15
GE: Experience the Bond of Trinity Commercial Launch Party

Location: http://www.1esplanade.com/main.html

  • cosplay
  • major finals tournament
  • offline quests
  • band performance
  • guest celebrities
  • night raid party
  • and lotsa activities!
September 16
e-Games Evolution

See y'all there! ^_~

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ic3ez said...

uhmmm.. ms. veya, how about the 1 year GVC? ung Gpts w/ game time, 1yr Game Time with 60k gpts I think. How much is it?

Tantamco said...

Mam veya yung original question ko, wla pa ring sagot. still w8ing for the list of retailers aug. 30 na bukas.

darrick said...

sorry but as of now300,100 and 50 lng available :P tumawag ako kanina WAHH ate veya inunahan mo ko mag post hahaa :p

filsimmer said...

Yahoo! I hope I can attend the events! Thanks for the heads up, Veya! Now I know where to go to find the venue...

ic3ez said...

omg, wala ung 1 year? O.O waaaaaa.. un ung gusto ko e.. taas kc ng bigay na gpts. =/

Raina said...

What time are the veents on Sept 15 and 16?

Veya said...

for 15, gates are open around 11am or 12 noon~

for now, only 300, 100, and 50 are the available denomination.

i don't have the list of retailers and distributors, however try to check out the ones distributing e-Games cards? it's possible that they're also selling GVCs as well. it'll depend on whether they'd like to sell it today or within this week.

Anonymous said...

bakit po wala ung 90,180 at yung 1 year na package? ang mahala kasi nung pang 1 month hindi sulit. lugi kami.