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Connectivity, Website and Forum Access Issues

Thursday, August 16, 2007 by Bea

ISP-related Issues

There are some problems with the connectivity and accessing the GE IAH website & forums, in which the GE Team are currently in discussion with these ISP companies right now to fix the said problems. Please bear with us and we do apologize for the inconvenience.
Extended Downtime Server Maintenance

GE servers will be down from 1730-1830 for an important patch update.
GE servers downtime maintenance has been extended until 7.30PM.

Stay tuned for further announcements. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

so when can we access and play GE?

Anonymous said...

Many are stll unable to patch ge due to it;s inabilty to download list file.

Veya said...

GE is down at the moment. it'll be up hopefully at 6.30PM.

Linoan said...

is there any update its about 19:00 GMT 8

Anonymous said...

I thought it was too easy. LOL

I had read the warnings about getting error messages and when I didn't get any, I was very surprised and considered myself very lucky!

I positioned my lowest level characters in the Porto Bello Cabin and went back to bed. (I'm in the US)

Then I woke up and was disconnected. Looks like the problems were just a little late in showing up. I guess I'll just play solitaire and wait for the team to get it all worked out. :)

Veya said...

extended server maintenance until 7.30PM

Anonymous said...

i hope no more extend after 7.30.. BTW 7.30 now :(..

Anonymous said...

is there any account wipe?
cant seem to access my account as if it dose not exist... Help!!!