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Featured Gamer: Caelesti

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 by Bea

Just call her... Elly~ ^^

Veya: Still working/studying? Where?
Working at Emerson Climate Technologies Sykes in Ortigas

Veya: What's your MCC team line-up, plus the IGNs of each?
Caelesti: Caelesti Family of Carracci Server; Cecilia - Lisa Lynway, Dashiela - Elementalist, Nott - Scout

Veya: Where do you usually play?
Caelesti: At home

Veya: How long have you been playing GE?
Caelesti: Since closed beta

Veya: What are you're average time in playing online? (counting the times you're on AFK)
Caelesti: About 20 hours a day, 6 days a week

Veya: How did you know about the game?
Caelesti: I was an avid RO player back then when I heard that the RO's creator is making an MCC game under Hanbitsoft. I did some thorough research and came across the new title, Granado Espada. Me and my friend back then were part of some real discreet, preliminary closed-beta testing for GE (right before IAH got the game). I liked it from the 1st day I laid my eyes on it XD

Veya: What are the features of GE that got you hooked into the game?
Caelesti: The MCC feature's unique and very original. I also like the convenience of AFK leveling (patrolling). It gives career women like me a chance to get our characters increase level even when we're busy at work. The graphics are also awesome. I've always admired Victorian designs and settings.

Veya: Are there any factors that changed your gaming experience? Did it gave you more reasons to play or are you thinking less of the game due to issues? Cite some situations.
Caelesti: There was a time when I can't get my daily full eight hours sleep since my GE paranoia keeps waking me up. @_@ I was consistently worried that my characters were dead and already wasting precious AFK leveling time. lolz~
(I see... adik! XD)

Being the initial MilitiaSangre (BloodMilitia) faction leader, I've been through some tough times thinking how to keep my members happy and enthusiastic about the game. We arranged regular EBs, loyalty reward programs, raids, etc. It was fun, though, going through all those. I've made lots of new friends in the process. I admit that my GE playing time has been recently cut dramatically since I need to concentrate more on my career and my social life.
(*nods* I agree ;D)

Veya: Were there situations that people mistook your gender irl? (because there are a few girl gamers nowadays, and mostly chixilog so people find it hard to believe that you're a girl in-real-life)
Caelesti: Oh, I get that treatment almost all the time! They really can't believe that a girl like me would spend ample time in front of a computer, playing a "guy's game." Honestly, I'm not bothered by their opinion, and I don't take a lot much effort just to prove my gender.
(right on! XP)

Veya: Were there advantages/disadvantages of being a girl gamer? (i.e. you get free items and free help in quests from the guys ^^)
Caelesti: Guys are a lot nicer to me... at least the ones who believe I'm a girl. XD

Veya: Do you have objectives or reasons to go on playing? Do you play for fame, friends or to gain high-level characters?
Caelesti: I play for my own satisfaction. I'm a gamer by heart, and I've been into videogames since the NES came out. I like challenges, I enjoy whacking enemies around with a stick (or sword, or staff, whatever!), and I love being on top, not to mention, being famous. XD

Veya: Do you have a message to send out to all the other girl gamers?
Caelesti: The sexes are equal! We can put up a great fight as much as any guy player out there! So just stand firmly for what you believe... and what you play for! XD
(hail to all sexxae lady gamers! :D)




Love the game, definitely love the players.

That's about it~! Till next post! ^_~

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eLfshimmeR said...

wow danda ni Elly. ahihihihi

shengzie said...

shit veya shit ahahahaha crush k0h cia....

Veya said...

ciempre! hehehe parehas kau diyosa~ =P

Veya said...

naku ha... sumbong kita kay *****! XD

caelesti said...

yay wala na ung malaking 2nd pic haha. Thanks for the article, Ms. Veya. ^_^

Veya said...

no prob, anytime! thanks for the wonderful interview with you! ^_~