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GE goes to Baguio!

Thursday, August 9, 2007 by Bea

August 2
2PM, Victory Liner bus took us away and headed north, and up to the mountains. It took us 6-7 hours before we reach the terminal in Baguio. *so cold up there!* ~_~

August 3
We woke up with a chilly breeze on our faces as we prepared ourselves mentally and physically for the event at Outer Haven.

There was already a long line when we got there. XD

Lollipops for the players!!! XD~ *courtesy of Area Manager Sir Lawrence and Sir Daniel*

3on3 PvP Tournament of the New Settlers

Baguio Champs with me~ ^____^v

Our Team! Proud of the successful event~!

I was also doing a live broadcast of the event thru my YM's webcam. Thanks so much to Jason, the owner of Outer Haven, and all of the players who visited us in Baguio! ^_^

More pics at: GE Gathering

Till next event guys! ^_~

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Mr.Stiles said...

oh my god ! I look so ugly and blah ! wahahahah shiny face, kinky hair and all awww.

nah i get a pair of angel wings anyway :D

TY ate Veya :D

Veya said...

nah, you look fine compared to me. lolz

i feel so tired but it was all worth it after the success of the event.

you're welcome. ^_^