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GE Gatherings: Malabon & APC

Monday, August 6, 2007 by Bea

Malabon iCafé Festival

The event was pretty hectic that day; there were lots of freeplay and tournament registrants that gathered under the Ampitheater. Sad to say, I wasn't able to attend to the last minute due to the War of the Factions in-game event supervision. There was also an announced postponement of the GE Tournament due to the storm; so for safety precautions since Malabon will be flooded due to heavy rains and to avoid the people to get stranded, they agreed to have a rescheduling of the tournaments.

Asia Pacific College Campus Tour

My first campus tour at APC in Magallanes! ^_^ (my 1st time joining, that is) There were lots of new players who tried out and got addicted to the game. The students there were nice, they also registered and were given installers for them to try it out in their homes due to the seats that were already occupied by most of the players.

New players on the Loose~!

I also got in touch with the Carracci players - the Renaissance Faction. They were really nice; we got to talk about lots of issues in-game and other experiences. ^_^

GE Tourney - Finalists

GE Tourney - Champions

More updates on the latest happenings in the New World~! Till next post! ^_~

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