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Thursday, August 16, 2007 by Bea

GE is now UP and running!

Since Website and Forums is not being viewed by some, here are the recent announcements:

Dear Gamers,

Following the re-start of the service, we have the following notices:

1. Some Starhub broadband users have notified us of not being able to play since the start. We have escalated the issue to Starhub and they are looking into the problem now. Preliminary investigation shows a failure to propagate our DNS settings.

2. Due to a database error, Jack the Engineer and Catherine the Summoner's construction skills are wrong. They will be reverted to the previous setting prior to the "Forgotten Territories"(v2.1.18) patch. IMC is currently making the changes and a re-start of the game service is imminent.

From MeepokTah:
Dear gamers,

you will be hit with error messages after attempting to patch with either the manual patch or via automatic patching.

Please note that this is known to us and it will be resolved with another patch when the server is reopened on the 16th August 2007 at 1200hrs.

Please do not be alarmed as the patch is progressively introduced to the LIVE server.

We will provide more updates as we move along.

Team G.E.
[PATCH NOTES - 71146]

- Added Mercenary Contract and Character Trading
- Added new RNPC - Irawan
- Added new Dungeon - Albertal Boss Room
- Premium Item Shop Opened
- Added new Baron Quests
- Added monsters:
- Dream Blade Antelope: Via pluvial, Deprimida Valley
- The head of Gruparks: Mine Passage, Albertal Mine
- Elmorc: Katovic Snowfield, the Frozen Plain

- New NPCs added:
Christelle the Reboldoeux Pioneering Officer,
Jonathon the Coimbra Pioneering Officer and
Eleonore the Auch Pioneering Officer
- You may obtain quests from these Pioneering Officers.

Barrack mode.
- When you move your mouse over the character abilities, you can check out detailed skill information.
- Graphics in the dressing room have been changed.

From 1500hrs (GMT+8) - http://passport.iahgames.com - INSTRUCTIONS
- Activate/Collection of In-Game Item - Emilia the Sage RNPC Card
- Activate/Collection of In-Game Item - SingTel Combat Manual
- Activate/Collection of In-Game Item - Divine Angel Wing

Team G.E.

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Anonymous said...

Im really excited about the updates...cnt wait to try em all out


Veya said...

yeah, but there are some errors from the other players, probably lots of them are patching altogether, it'll cause network traffic. ~_~

i'll keep you guys posted on updates.

Anonymous said...

gee thanks how long is the downloading,ive been like 50 mins and its still at 40%

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a StarHub User and seems like your website is the only place that says that there is a problem with StarHub Users. I can't access any webpages of IAH and I can't log into the game. I'm not sure if I am the unlucky few or a majority of StarHub users are facing the same problem, sigh...Hope IAH resolves this ASAP.

Anonymous said...

i have no idea what's going on right now, but i have the same problem, i can't access any IAH sites or the game. and no, i'm not a StarHub user.

is the server up or down, that is we all need to know? and an estimation time when it will be up and running, would be great. >.< bored of waiting.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Any information on Server status would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

oh well, cant hurt to wait another day...ive been really itching for a week now


Anonymous said...

problem in patching.... whats wrong? still no GE for today, waaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

sure hope that it wont take too long to resolve this issue..... need to finish my claude quest.. hahahaha

†Xavier† vivaldi server

filsimmer said...

Hey Veya, Mena here. I tried accessing the website (www.iahgames.com) with my PLDT myDSL connection but it seems I can't access the website itself. What's worse, I can't access the forums and passport sites (not to mention Hrin's blog!).

I was able to go to the site earlier is morning but I can't access it by the 12PM mark. Kindly forward this concern. Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

yea me too.. T_T i cant access and cant evn patch..

Veya said...

GE servers are down at the moment~