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Memoirs of Me - A Community Manager Part I

Sunday, September 7, 2008 by Bea

From a hardcore gamer to a GameMaster, now to an Assistant Product Manager / Community Manager of Granado Espada.

How did it happened?

May 2007

My boss and very close friend Ivee and I were both GMs before. She was also the head of the GM team before, and was promoted as Product Manager of GE. I was suppose to apply on another department in e-Games when Ivee informed me that she wanted me as her assistant for Granado Espada. At first I was a bit excited and at the same time, scared, since I had played GE during its first testing, however I never did reviewed it that much. And so, before transferring, she gave me the advance pass for GE before its open-beta testing, and was able to play more and familiarize with the features and every functions in the game.

My first characters in Cervantes server

I reviewed a lot before they announce me as GE Philippines CM (yes, they have CMs in all regional partners). I was able to chat with Hrin (Regional CM), RohNaga (Singapore CM), and Selwyn (Malaysia CM) in MSN before going to the battlefield. :P

But in GE, you have to pick out your alias. RohNaga & Selwyn did not use their own names (I don't know if it's OK for me to post their real names XD), so I was hesitant at first. I cannot use my GM names before, since it was already a known persona for every game on those alias that I used.

At first, I used "Esthesia," a name I saw on random sites that provides pre-made layouts and graphic designs. But then, I find that players may have difficulties on pronouncing my alias. ^^; And so, I used Veya because most of my Gothic friends in the underground community pronounce my name that way (yes, like Vanity~).

My avatar in the GE IAH website

But unlike the famous GMs you have known and loved, we have a different task and department to fill in. Quoting from CM Hrin: "I am not a game master. I'm your community manager, meaning to say that I use a normal playing account, just like the rest of you. I can't make Vis rain from the skies above. Neither can I summon all of Monsters Inc. to do the Macarena in front of Andre Janzur. My role as your community manager is to keep you guys updated with the developments and news updates of GE, to get feedback from you guys, to answer any doubts or queries you may have, and of course my most fave role of all… to be your friend, protector and guardian angel whenever you feel lost or alone in this world. :) Naturally, my roles will evolve with time, but the essence of it remains - that of community building."

And with that, I can only use normal game characters just like anybody else. We do not have cool armors or weapons, and we are not ridiculously rich (in-game or in-real-life! XD). It may be strange or lame to others, but I find it refreshing to be like a normal gamer since I get to speak and interact more with players with them not thinking I am doing naughty stuff or being worship like a God or something. @_@


not in the picture are my other characters & RNPCs in all servers

Elementalist Beauties in Caravaggio, Pachelbel & Vivaldi

Here's my profile at the GE IAH website:

Family Name: [CM]Veya
Fave MCC Team: Veya (Fighter), Tria (Scout), Noir (Wizard)
Fave RNPC: Grace Bernelli
Other Hobbies: cosplaying, reading and posting to my blogs and other sites, making layouts, sewing and designing clothes, cooking, shopping, and listening to slow & industrial rock music

I loved playing GE because of the MCC system, plus the fact that it was set to the Baroque era - the brick road, the corsets, lacey outfits, skirts, and the pirates. Instead of trying to play to increase my level and experience, I’d rather cruise to the town and check out all the quests from the town’s NPCs.

As a gamer myself, I love MMORPGs, like GE. I spend half of my day playing, working, and shopping (in-game and in-real-life). There are lots of updates from the Closed Beta unto the Pre-Open Beta, so I really hope that the players would enjoy playing since there’s more to expect from the game.

A Message to the Gamers:
Hello to all Filipino players! Hope to see you guys on our future events! Enjoy and happy gaming! ^_^

You can also find my first post here: http://veya-esthesia.blogspot.com/2007/06/first-post-testing.html

My first assignment was to form the 1st Granado Espada Philippines team for the 1st major GE tournament to be held in Singapore. We also created the limited edition GE Philippines jacket available only to the qualifying GE PH team, the GE e-Games team, and our partners & media.

Wildcard & NCR team showing off the GE jackets

GE Philippines Team at the Toycon event in Megamall

The Zouk Raid Party in Singapore was so exciting~! I even got to meet the legendary producer who made my gaming life happy: Hakkyu Kim! The best part is also we got to drink & dance with him during the night party. :D

me & Hakkyu Kim (totally starstruck)

This was only one of the memorable events that happened in my life as a CM in Granado Espada. So stay tuned for more~! ^_~

GE videos on a large LCD with chandeliers inside Zouk

Live GE!

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