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Sunday, September 21, 2008 by Bea

OK, before anything else, I would like to post a disclaimer on my article below that this is purely my opinion, no strings attached, no politics, no "claiming someone else's" opinion, and no intentions of hypnotizing everyone who reads this or sending a double-meaning message. This is just for sharing purposes again, and I do not need any reactions or getting into trouble. So whoever that gets "hit" in the face, I'm sorry, but again, everything that will be posted is not intended for your experience - and it may be just coincidence that you got hurt or that the situation is a bit familiar.

As I've mentioned before in my farewell letter, I am affected by players who literally have to do everything to get what they want. I know it's a human thing, however, the consequences that they would have to deal with - are the ones they never expected.

I want that in-game item so bad, I could kill somebody...

Let's just hope that it was intentional for an in-game situation, but yeah, some gamers tend to hurt someone in the real world. If you happen to watch the documentary for the online gamers last year or so, you could remember the guy who got ambushed by a group of players outside an iCafe shop, just because he looted the players' friend's rare item. He claimed that he only picked it up because it was dropped. The knowledge on how the players got to him, or know who he is, still remained an unsolved case till present. But yeah, although the guy was big & a bully himself, he was outnumbered by the group, and was confined to a hospital.

Hmm, what if I try to trick him?

Scammers are everywhere - be it in the virtual world or the real world. As I've said, most would do anything to get what they want. They'd scam you, steal everything, and leave you dry. Yeah, it sounds harsh, but those little phrases like "I'll make your 1,000 gold into ten thousand folds more if you'll just provide me your password" sounds pretty tempting, and most often, the new ones get duped. There may be tons of hacks & cheats today, but don't fall for the "password trick" cheat. It only falls into one word - FAIL.

you know that *beep* game? it's a total rip-off of that *bleep* game before~! noooo, really? *gasps*

Exaggeration? But true. I often see these on new game articles - complete with the rude & out-of-the line comments. The word "rip-off" is my first hated word, but I only use it on fashion designs (commonly when the designs are totally been cut 'n' copy fresh from someone else's idea in the Internet like deviantART works). They say this game was a rip-off of the previous games, blah blah blah. But let's face it - most of the developers would find something from the old ones and make it develop even more entertaining, more state-of-the-art, etc. But don't use the word unless you have EVIDENCE to take it up to the courts. Then we will all totally appreciate your effort, unless you have some other objectives on bringing up that word? Uh-oh, naughty naughty little anonymous comment-making human being.

I am perfect, so bow before me or die!

That's why my star sign was right today:
Why are you so busy trying to make everything perfect? Just relax and be human. For both worlds sake, let's not act perfect, nor try to impose this idea to everyone else. Let's just sit, breathe, and enjoy the online games that has been brought upon us.

If for some, this may be shocking, but it's really happening. Most would invest, and gamble in the vast world of online gaming, however most have already forgotten what we started years ago in playing: enjoy a good game, and have fun.

Till next post. Ciao~!

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Anonymous said...

YES~! Just have fun~! \(^3^)/ To hell with politics in-game, I've had enough of it from pRĂ–~ XD

Nice article Veya-san~ b(^3^)d

LadyPinkfLaMe said...

Hello there GM. can I link u in my blog? can we link exchange? thanks a lot!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Veya said...

thanks el :)

always have fun! XD

Veya said...

hi! i'm not a GM :P

blogroll done~

thanks for visiting my blog :)

LadyPinkfLaMe said...

oh sorry.

CM rather. ex-CM?

anyways, thanks a lot!

Veya said...

address me as bea :P

no problem~ cute blog :)

Irvin Ryan said...

In my Career as a gamer, this is my motto "Friendship and FUN over ranking, level and fame."

great article... I would be happy if we can do Link exchange too... My blog is still young.. i need a hand from experts like you. Thanks and More power.. God bless..

Veya said...

@Irvin Ryan
many thanks, and i'm glad you like my articles.

i just bloghopped into yours, and i like the feature for MoyMoyPalaboy; me & my former colleagues in e-Games have been enjoying & laughing away with their music videos. ^^;

keep it up! let's do what most readers would want us to do: provide fun, interesting & entertaining articles ^_~