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Sunday, September 14, 2008 by Bea

Want to be part of the uber-groovy & uber cool team in the planet?

Kidding aside, check out the requirements and job descriptions of what I had experienced before, and apply now!

Community Manager
Duties and Responsibilities:

* Conceptualization and Implementation of in-game revenue generating events
* Interacting with gamers in-game and over the forums
* Clearing up any queries and doubts on official matters in the forums
* Getting involved in player-organized events by giving suggestions and/or being a judge for their contest/events as well as supporting and publicizing their events. Take note to take a back seat role in this and let players themselves manage their own events
* Setting up forum boards and managing forum moderation team (both internal staff and player moderators)
* Brainstorming with the GM Team and implementing ideas to bond community closer together
* Providing feedback to the GM team about how the community would feel about certain events that they are planning and about events that have already been run
* Organizing smaller, local community events (such as casual meet ups, dinners, community service etc)
* Getting feedback from community about anything game-related and directing them to the relevant department
* Answering the community´s emails
* Maintaining close contact with and scouting for potential game player ´leaders´
* Mentoring the player leaders and giving them ownership of little projects here and there
* Planning and conducting surveys and polls as and when GM/marketing/product department needs feedback
* E-viral latest game news and updates to websites and forums that the local community visits
* To report on latest happenings & feedback amongst the local community – in-game, forums and real life, report on the upcoming community events so that it can be publicized early on the main website
* Writing of articles that pertain to local community activities and upcoming local events


* Very good communication skills, both oral and written.
* Can perform and speak in public.
* No experience necessary, fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.
* Graduates of BA (Bachelor of Arts) courses are preferred.
* Knowledge in office productivity: MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
* Knows the basics of blogging.
* Pleasing personality
* Eager to learn
* Perky and bubbly
* Can work under extreme pressure around huge crowds

Community GameMaster

* Bachelor's/College Degree in any field
* High interest in playing computer games
* With local on-line gaming experience [Specially MMORPGs]
* With basic technical knowledge (bugs detection, PC troubleshooting)
* Has the ability to think conceptually, strategically & analytically
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills
* High level of motivation , discipline & commitment a must
* Excellent teamwork skills

Email your resumes & gather up your confidence to: careers@ipvg.com and don't forget to also include Ms. Katherine Montiero in your email: katherine.montiero@ipvg.com

Goodluck to all applicants! ^_^

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