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Monday, September 15, 2008 by Bea

Way before I was into the gaming industry, I was into modeling & photography. It was my 1st year as a highschool student, and my first runway walk at SM North.

Since we'll be talking more about photography, please be patient in viewing the pictures below.

Anyway, at present, most of my closest & best friends are all what I can say in my opinion as professional photographers. Plus, I love DSLRs since it was invented.

I opened my first deviantART account, by persuasion of my bestfriend & "Mom," Cris.

My talented online buddy, Euri, made a fanlisting site, and she used one of my stock accounts:

Check it out - Hecate Fanlisting: Crossways

This is where she got my photo:

I also love the vectors that most of my DA buddies had done for the past few years.

Yeah, he thought my name was Beia Navarrou~ ^.^

And this was the real source:

Cool kodachi right? XD~

I have also took shots of other people as well:

See? I'm not only good in computers, I'm also good with a camera. ^_~


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Euri said...


I remember these good old days when I use to take your stock photos for my layouts. XDXD

I've always love that shot with Jessie posing. XD

Mommy Crwissy is everyone's mommy. lol. XDXD

Veya said...

yeah, i miss DA as well~ XD

i call that shot "the Temptress" :D

i call cris as muhmie though, with an accent XP~

Euri said...


when is the wedding? :D:D

Veya said...

we're pushing on feb 7, but it might be moved to jan 31 (earlier) :)