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Saturday, September 13, 2008 by Bea

I'd like to clarify some issues, brown noses, and other rumors going on before it creates a chaos again.

Here are some facts:

So False

  • I am no scammer, nor did any bad things during my time as a GM, CM, and as an Assistant Product Manager
  • I am not the GossipCutieGirl in e-Games
  • I am not posing as a new GM
  • I did not get fired
So True
  • I did all of my pending projects & tasks before I left e-Games
  • I love Gossip Girl Season 1, and can't wait to watch for the second season
  • I am now in Corporate Sales in another company, a very different industry, I did not betray anyone, nor did I transferred to a new gaming company
  • I have my clearance of my resignation, no accountabilities, no charges
Like any other employees, I uphold the rules & regulations with my leave.

If I did come back, you'll know, and yes I'll let everyone know.

So please try to get off my back, let's try to have a productive life, shall we? ;)

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