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Game Previews: GE's New Civilization

Thursday, September 25, 2008 by Bea

Last June, I was able to check out http://www.granadoespada.com/ and watched Hakkyu Kim & the rest of the IMC peeps discussing the latest developments for Granado Espada. I've watched the cute voodoo pets as well~ ^.^

I hence call them, "Emo Pets~"

My former boss even told me, "ilalabas na yung fave mo na pets, Bea."

Finally! I've like watched the 2 videos a trillion times (yeah, I downloaded both of them from the GE Korean website), and now I get to see the cuties~!

But the maps will be larger than ever, according to IMC. I dunno the details yet, since I just translated on what they were saying on the video (the interview video is quite big, I'll try to upload it soon), plus I was curious though on the "new civilization" that they're talking about.

So pushing my thrills & excitement aside, I do hope the GE peeps will help out Aethrin. But I did had fun with making his "Baron" theme.

Another off-topic, I'm glad the Girl Gamers are pushing thru and growing. I was also dreaming that all GE girl peeps of the SouthEast Asia will have a grand EB (that'll be certainly one big heap of gals~!).

Ciao~! Missing my GE pioneers~! (I wonder if they'll replace the "Pioneers" name. I just thought of the name from the history of GE... *shrugs*) ^_~

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Irvin Ryan said...

great looking update... too bad i never got hold of the dvd installer so i never had the chance to play GE... /sigh.

Veya said...

hehehe, this was like an overdelayed article though, i never got a chance to release it yet unless i have an official word :D

i believe before i left egames, the new installers were already out :D