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Events: For Gothic Lolitas, Rockers & Punks

Thursday, October 2, 2008 by Bea

Source: http://onefreekiss.multiply.com/

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Irvin Ryan said...

quite interesting... if i can se personalities like alodia i might consider coming to that event.. haha

Veya said...

true, but there are lots of others who are deeply into elegant gothic lolita nowadays :)

Irvin Ryan said...

haha, it's just that alodia has a special place in my heart... she's a former guildmate in pRose... first saw her at the Rose-it Girl event. hek hek.
btw can you add a feed on your blog? co we can easily follow your updates? thanks ^^,

Veya said...

she will be featured in next year's e-Games Calendar~

my rss feeds

Dustiedoll said...

Lady Veya, thanks for posting this : )

-dustiedoll of Onefreekiss

Veya said...

ahahaha, no prob! i loved your axxes during victorian valentine :D

i'll drop by on oct 12 ;)

Euri said...

I. cna't. go. T^T

Veya said...

baka nga ndi rin ako makapunta o.o

i have some stuff to do ~.~