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Pre-production for the GE Launch

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 by Bea

Want to check out before everything happened?

The stage, the tournament computers

Offline Quest

Registration Booth

The crowd waiting for the registration... (the shot was suppose to be candid though)

It was raining hard early that morning, I was late for the pre-prod trying to get a cab from that heavy rain. (I just noticed most events are during the rainy season O_o) But then, after awhile, it stopped, and the sun was smiling again. Thus, it gave us the signal to continue on with the preparations for the day event.

Along with the in-demand jackets, here are some of the merchandise for sale. And oh, who were the lucky ones to be the first to buy from our shop and also the limited edition GE boxes? ^^

Here's a short video as well:

Credits: Erving Go, Sir Gary, and me

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