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Aftermath III: Cosplay

Thursday, September 20, 2007 by Bea

Emilia the Sage
~only available in the Limited Edition Box
~enhanced RNPC
~healing and levitation expertise
~not available physically, just in-game =P

Cosplay with IAH! ^.^

Catherine the Summoner (mini-version, so kawaii!)

The Sexxae Scouts~

The Elementalist with IAH (Ms. Wendy & Ms. Jojo)

Open Category Cosplayers~

Need I say more? ^_~

Credits: Erving Go, Sir Gary, and me

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Reclusion said...

The Sexxae Scouts~

look at the pic holding hands sila oh hahaha :P cnu kaya un!

Veya said...

oi! father and son =P