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Partial List of the National Tourney Winners

Monday, September 10, 2007 by Bea

Congratulations to the ff finalists:

HeavensFence - Cervantes
DeathGod - Cervantes
Saints - Cervantes
oGTo - Cervantes
DeathAngels - Cervantes

Gakitsu - Pachelbel
Deathwolf - Pachelbel
Encabo - Pachelbel
Knightfall - Pachelbel
Arcleaumont - Cervantes

Cabagnaughty - Carracci
CaBankai - Carracci
Cabagnoot - Carracci
Cabagnut - Carracci
CabagnotA - Carracci

Cagayan de Oro
Baguio - Cervantes
Agent™ - Cervantes
Amelia™ - Cervantes
Hush - Cervantes
VERG§ - Cervantes

They'll be joining us here in Manila @ One Esplanade for the Liberty's Wrath PvP Finals!
This is just a partial list, we'll update this one as soon as possible.

Here's also the final National Tourney scheduled for Friday:
Sept. 14
Kamote.com - Malolos, Bulacan
K2 Phoenix - Ortigas Extension, Cainta, Rizal

Till next post! ^_~

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Lavia said...

What time will esplanadae open on the 15th? As i stated from the forums im going just to buy the box.

Cbagnut said...

hi im from dvo city..(Cabagnut familiy) when will be the final tourney?? and where to be held??..thx so much ^.~

Veya said...

finals will be held in manila. we will gather all teams that won the national tourney in one esplanade.

please check the commercial launch sites and links for more details on schedules. thanks!