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GE Launch Party Site is now UP!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 by Bea

Check out the GE IAH website for tons of announcements, plus, the Philippines marquee banner is now UP as well! ^_^

If you click on that, you'll automatically go to the GE PH website, and you'll notice that the headlines also cover the GE Launch party.

Also click on that one, and you'll enter the GE Commercial Launch site >>> http://www.granadoespada.com.ph/commlaunch/

It's like Pride and Prejudice letter with those stamps that you need to hover on a candle or heat. ^^

Thank you for Hrin, the IAH GE Team, and GranadoEspada.cc c/o Chelsie for posting the event as well! ^_~

Please check the previous posts or the links on the sidebar for the details on the Party.
Thank you for the 11,000 Unique Pageviews! Another Fan Teasers contest perhaps? Stay tuned then! ^^

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