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Mentor - Freeplay Program

Tuesday, September 25, 2007 by Bea

Want to be a Volunteer?

Join our Mentor Program!

Expected Tasks

The following are the expected tasks that a Mentor is expected to possess in order to be effective in their role in the Freeplay Program and the whole community.

1. They must assist the new players in using the GE official website, the passport site, and topping-up G-Points efficiently.
2. They should assist the new players in playing GE, using the Hotkeys, purchasing premium or in-game items, walkthrough on the basics of combat and quests, and other related in-game activities.
3. They must brief the new players in the Game Policies: http://ge.iahgames.com/en/support/?sec=7&ssec=58, as well as how to submit tickets and other customer-related aspects.

Are you a Faction member and a dedicated hardcore gamer?
Proceed and join us tomorrow at any of the iCafe locations near your area:

Max 3d - 2nd floor University Mall Vito Cruz Manila 3 - 7 PM
Warzone - San Marcelino Ermita Manila 3 - 7 PM
PC Quest - Dapitan Sampaloc Manila 3 - 7 PM
Mayhem Networks - 3rd floor Ever Manila Plaza Quiapo Manila 3 - 7 PM
Blueskies - Katipunan Quezon City near Ateneo De Manila 1 - 5 PM
Park Avenue - Park Avenue Pasay City 3 - 7 PM

We will be needing 5 Mentors per iCafe locations. This will be a nationwide program, and if you want to be one of the mentors, you can reserve yourself or your faction members as well. Post the ff. information needed:

Email address:
Contact No/s:
In-Game Family Name:
Area you'd like to volunteer:
Date you'd like to volunteer:

Sample format:
Name: Veya Esthesia
Email address: veya@granadoespada.com.ph
Contact No/s: 0927-0000000
Faction: VeyaFaction
In-Game Family Name: Veya
Area you'd like to volunteer: Max 3d - 2nd floor University Mall Vito Cruz Manila
Date you'd like to volunteer: September 29 (Saturday)

Recruitment thread: http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?t=20244

Let us help and extend our family for the GE Community! Live GE! ^_~

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